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Re: Wood for Fool's War

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  • Fitz
    Greetings All, I have a big stack of firewood in my backyard that I d be happy to do away with. So if there s anyone would like to come over and grab some of
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2013
      Greetings All, I have a big stack of firewood in my backyard that I'd be happy to do away with. So if there's anyone would like to come over and grab some of it for use at Fool's war let me know and we'll set a time for you to come over and grab it.

      Sir Cameron

      ---- James Sheppard <saintuspuck@...> wrote:

      The Church of Fool's and the Kingdom of Umbria present Church of Fool's War
      (and the Kingdom of Umbria's April Tournaments)
      When: April 19 - 21, 2013
      Where: *Estrella Mountain Regional Park*<http://www.maricopa.gov/parks/estrella>
      14805 West Vineyard Avenue
      Goodyear, AZ 85338
      Cost: The Church is not charging a site fee however the Park is, Travelers
      will need to pay at the gate upon entry. $6 per Car per day if day tripping
      or $10 per tent per night staying

      The three Cardinals (Kardinals) of the Church of Fools have declared war
      upon one another to see who can win the favor of the Saint. Everyone is
      invited to come out and have as much fun as you can to help us determine
      the winner.

      Armies will be divided evenly with points earned from Combat, Arts,
      Archery, Games, and Tournaments going to the respected army. At the end of
      the weekend the Cardinal with the most points wins the Patron Saint of
      Fools favor.

      Steel Tournament - Fool's Randomness - This will be a Round Robin
      Tournament with a flip of the coin determining which hand you fight with.
      Only Single handed weapons allowed. Head's you fight with your primary
      hand, tails you fight with your offhand. 3 rounds per fight.

      Rapier Tournaments (Both Knight's and Sergeant's list) - Short blade and
      off-hand defensive not including bucklers - Bracket Tournament 3 out of 5
      passes with a Short Blade (Under 37") and an off-hand defensive (Cloak,
      Gauntlet, Flog, Tankard, Net, etc. )

      Shinai Tournament - Two-person Team 3 out of 5 Bracket tournament with the
      Final team then fighting it out. One person with a single handed blade,
      second person has a shield. The free hand is tied to your partners free
      hand with approx 3 feet of space. The winning team then picks up shield and
      sword to determine the overall winner. (If there is not enough to make a
      Sergeant's list shinai tournament all present may fight in this tournament
      for the enjoyment and to have the point awarded to the winning army)

      Steel War Scenario #1 - No Shields, 1 polearm, All other single handed
      weapons allowed including fighting brace of weapons. Last Army standing. No
      joining forces between armies
      Steel War Scenario #2 - Three-Way Greek Bridge Resurrection Battle - No
      restrictions on Legal weapons, use what you want. Each army will send forth
      a member of the army one at a time. When that person dies he is filled in
      by another. Each fighter has 3 lives. Last army standing wins

      Rapier War Scenario #1 - Red Rover. Remember the Kid's game of Red Rover,
      Red Rover, Send _____ right over? The armies will take up sides the. A
      random army will start by calling out a member of another army. That person
      called out will choose someone from the army to fight. The winner of the
      fight stays with his army and the loser switches to the winner's army. This
      goes on until there is only 1 army.
      Rapier War Scenario #2 - I Fling my ... at you! - Each Army is given a
      Large War Shield and 1 archer with even arrows (If we have more archers
      this number may increase) All other forms of Rapier weapons are allowed.
      Last army standing. If using the Large War Shield you may not use a weapon.

      Shinai War Scenario #1 - I didn't do it. Each army will have a randomly and
      secretly selected person when that person dies that army is done. Last Army
      alive wins. Combat Archery allowed (The person that is selected will be
      told, it is up to them if they tell their army and how they decide to
      Shinai War Scenario #2 - Drinks are on you. Each Army will be provided with
      coolers. You must protect your cooler while trying to acquire your enemies
      coolers. The army with all three coolers wins. If your cooler is taken you
      have 3 minutes to either get it back or steal another cooler from the other
      army before the army is eliminated. Unlimited Rez battle.

      Archery: (All archery will be done with combat arrows)
      March Kingdom of Umbria's Archery Shoot - Shoot him in the Face - a Target
      will be setup wearing a helmet. Each archer will be given 6 arrows. The
      archer with the most face shots wins
      April Kingdom of Umbria's Archery Shoot - Make em Cower - Three war shields
      will be setup at different distances. 6 Arrows. 1 pt for hitting the
      closest shield, 2 pts for the middle shield, and 3 pts for hitting the
      furthest. Highest point total wins.
      War Shoot - Hunter/Hunted - Each army will select up to three archers who
      will armor up in light weapons gear. One person from each Army will start
      with a set number of arrows. As an archer dies he will be replaced by
      another archer The Archers must remain in their box. The army with an
      archer still alive at the end wins. Dead archers or archers not yet on the
      field my glean arrows in their area for their archer in the box.

      Arts Tournament - Submit an arts entry for an oppotunity to get a
      Tournament win - Foolish Themed Entries preferred but all entries will be
      judged for the Tournament.
      War Arts - Submit a different entry just for the War or use your Tournament
      Entry - Highest Overall Score wins the point for their army
      Arts Champions - Lead/Mislead the Blind - Each army will select an artisan
      to be their champion. The artisan will be blindfolded and provided a piece
      of paper with a drawing on it. The artisan's job is to fill in the drawing
      with the proper colors by listening to commands from their caller. The
      other armies will also have a caller that can Mislead the artisan. The army
      with the best drawing filled in wins.

      The Chicken Toss
      Foolish Relay
      War Ball
      Thieves Amongst Us

      Description of the Games will be provided onsite.

      Come one and come all and enjoy a weekend of fun like many of you have
      never had before.

      Saint Puck, Patron Saint of Fools of the Church of Fools.
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