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Re: [adrian_gypsies] Banner War Happenings

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  • Cocah Anatolii
    Greetings, Thank you Sir Hanzel for passing on the War events. Sir Blackarrow I do apologize as I asked Sir Hanzel to post ont he events that took place and
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      Thank you Sir Hanzel for passing on the War events. Sir Blackarrow I do apologize as I asked Sir Hanzel to post ont he events that took place and left out some events on accident such as your knighting. Sir Hanzel was not present for everything and I forgot to remind him of a few.


      So congrats to Sir Blackarrow for taking his first level Arts knighthood.


      And also, Huzzah and Congrats to SIr Liam for taking the Archery Championship.


      I personally would like to thank Dame Shahara for hosting the Queen's Tea and Lady Adelaide for helping as well. You both did a fantastic job and everyone hopes to do it again.


      Dame Cocah Anatolii

      Queen of Umbria


      I hope everyone had a trully good time.

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      Subject: [adrian_gypsies] Banner War Happenings
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      Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008, 8:48 PM

      For those of you who didn't go. 
      You missed a glorious weekend, the weather was perfect, in spite of a little rain during shinai and renn. Nice and chilly, but not TOO cold at night. There were fun interesting combat scenarios involving a "castle" with a gate and functional, sorta, siege tower. Huzzah to Sir Kegger. I have no idea if I spelled it right. The Desert Allaince did not really show to well in combat garnering only one point for combat. Renn Champions. I personally blame the creator of the scenarios creating scenarios the the Costal Allaince definately had the advantage with. I must give a salute, however, to the costal armies combat archers their aim was true and arrows stung. (I know I felt several of them). Or perhaps it was just a ploy by  the generals of the Desert Allaince too make the armies of coast feel better about themselves letting them have 8 of 9 combat combat points. For the Desert Allaince Artisans nearly swept the arts points with the Desert Kingdoms (and Duchy) earning 6.5 points leaving only 1.5 for the Coastal. Last but certainly not least came the Archers Sweeping the 4 points and the remaining 2 for darts. Thats right there was a dart competetion as well. For those of you keeping score at home here's  the breakdown
      DA 1        CA 8
      DA 6.5     CA 1.5
      DA 4        CA 0
      DA 2        CA 0
      DA 13.5   CA 9.5
      Thats right the Evil Desert Allaince wins again. I believe this makes 7 years in a row.
      The Duchy of Vengulf will hold the Banner for 4 months, then the Kingdom of Albion, and Last The Kingdom of Umbria with have the Banner for Our Crown War and Coronation.
      Huzzahs go out to all those that took knighthoods this weekend. Although no one from Umbria did, that I can remember, there were several Second and third level Knightings over the weekend. A couple were held in Umbrian Court including the 1st level Archery Knighting of Her Majesty of Albion Dame Katriana. (forgive me if I butcher the spelling).
       A special three cheers goes out to the newest Squire of Umbria. Sq. Gizelle. Whom squired to both Sir Gaetano and Sir Beithar. (you've earned it now) It is Sir Beithar's first squire. We'll watch with must anicipation as her training progresses. Wait since she squired to two knights does make her a Squire Squared?
      I'm sure I am forgetting alot of stuff. Sir Guillame hit me awefully hard in the steel tourney. J/K Oh that reminds me. Huzzahs go out to Sir Gaetano, Sir Errand, and Sir Hanzel for being the final three in the Renn tourney. with the final point going to Sir Gaetano. Showing once again that Umbrian Fighters are the the best quality.
      Once again for those that went, Huzzah, for those that didn't we missed you, and you missed alot of fun. Hope you can make it next year or even next War.

      As Always,
      In service,
      Sir Hanzel K. Von Brandenburg
      Knight Civil
      Knight Bachelor
      Lord of Umbria

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