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7263Re: [Adria-Umbria] Steel Donations/Loans Requested

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  • Duncan Wallace
    Jan 25, 2014

      Yes, there is a way to relieve us of any and all liabilities. We need to make an addendum to the waiver that reads as follows:

      As a willing participant in a full contact combat sport, I fully understand and accept all responsability for any injuries which I may incur as a willing participant,  and hereby fully release from all liability, any and all members of the Adrian Empire Inc.

      Have a full release of liability waiver that all participants who use loaner armor from the chattle goods must sign in addition to the every day participation waiver included on the sign in sheets. This covers us as an organization and as individuals in the event some pansy ass comes out and breaks a nail and pulls a falconer on us.

      Just sayin, we have lawyers, have them whip up some legal mumbo jumbo liability release... poof done!

      Like Cagar, I ain't no lawer so don't go quoting me on anything, just use caution when dealing with the general public, they are all a bunch of money hungry sue happy shits, and we (now more than ever) must protect ourselves from their kind.

      2 cents from a now ancient Adrian
      Sir Duncan Wallace

      On Jan 17, 2014 5:21 PM, "ashton worral" <bigashdog@...> wrote:

      Is there a way to make sure we are absolved of legal liability I someone was injured in the equipment we loaned out?  
      Lets say, I loan a steel helmet, and that person who is borrowing it gets a concussion.  They can hold me liable for loaning faulty gear.  Is there any way to avoid something like that?

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      On Jan 17, 2014, at 4:42 PM, fafnir187@... wrote:


      Greetings Good Populace!


      As mentioned in my previous post, I am currently in the process of trying to put a loaner suit of steel together for tournaments and demos.


      I know currently we have LOTS of steel pieces gathering dust in garages. My plan is through donations (or simply loans if someone understandably doesn't want to part with their extra gear permanently) to take those spare parts and cobble together a suit.


      My reasons for putting together a loaner suit are as follows:


      1) For tournaments, we know steel brings us more attention and visibility wherever we are. Also, I believe that combatants at least having a chance at obtaining steel wins to advance their knighthoods helps with retention. If we have a body willing to suit, I'd always like to have a suit for them. Fighting steel is one of the things that separates our organization, and I don't believe months should go by without us having a steel list.


      2) I would like to make demos more interactive (i.e. If we have someone in the crowd who is interested, have them sign a waiver, suit them up right THEN, and make them part of the demo. (This could be a very entertaining part of our "show")


      I want to make it clear that I (The Hospitlar) would be responsible for keeping, hauling, and maintaining (with a little help from those with the tools to repair armor) said loaner suit. Hopefully the Hospitlar after me would do the same, and it would eventually become a duty of the office.  


      Currently I have the following "extra parts" in my possession.


      Chainmail Shirt w/shoulders (belongs to Sir Cameron - needs some minor repairs, any volunteers??)

      Arms (belongs to Sir Cameron)

      Gorget (belongs to Sir Cameron)


      Sir Bruadar has agreed to loan/donate a kidney belt for the chainmail, as well as another chain shirt if no one will assist in repairing the one I have.


      This leaves the following items needed:


      Steel Helm




      If anyone is willing to loan and/or donate anything please let me know! If it is a loan, it will be clearly documented so there is no confusion if and when the owner ever needs the item back. I will keep the populace updated on the progress of this project.


      Thanks in advance,


      Sir Fafnir Hallgrim

      Royal Hospitlar

      Knight Banneret

      Knight Minister


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