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Comic Con Schedule

Dear Populace of the Kingdom of Umbria: Here is the schedule for the people that have volunteered to work this weekend, and have handed in their waiveer for
11:46 PM

Re: **IMPORTANT**All Kingdom of Umbria Ministers/Viceroys

The canton of Thunar holds no chattel goods. Thank you, Beithar On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 9:16 PM, annearwenia@... [Adria-Umbria] < ... -- “If ultimate
Darrell March
May 26

**IMPORTANT**All Kingdom of Umbria Ministers/Viceroys

HEAR YE HEAR YE ALL UMBRIAN MINISTERS AND VICEROYS/VICERENES, If you are in possession of Kingdom chattel goods, the Steward needs a written and signed list of
May 26

ComicCon Set Up Information

Greetings Umbrians, ComiCon is this week! We will be going down to set up Wednesday night, meeting at the park around 5:30ish. Those who can’t make it that
May 25
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Re: Banner War

Can't make Banner War. Car trouble. Sir Michael Sinestro
May 22

Canton of Sherwood (June & July 2015)

Attention Lords and Ladies of the Kingdom of Umbria, June and July's Sherwood will be held on Saturday, June 6th at *8:00* a.m. to beat the heat. The location
May 20

Banner War

Im looking forward to a fun filled BW, seeing old friends, meeting new folks, and competing against foes from different subdivisions is what makes our hobby
ashton worral
May 19

Tournament canceled

Greetings Umbrians, today's tournament has been canceled due to bad field conditions from last night's rains. May's tournament will be made up next with the
Scott Fitzpatrick
May 16

Re: Unable to attend Banner War

I guess we'll have to murder our enemies in your honor. Ash Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone -------- Original message
ashton worral
May 15

Re: Reminder: Kingdom Tournament Saturday, May 16th

I believe that the time is still 9am for Archery and then Court and Combat afterwards. We'll start summer hours next month. HRM Cameron Kilshannig ...
May 15

Unable to attend Banner War

Hello for those going to Banner War, Due to a death in the family, Wednesday night and their services are next Saturday, I'm unable to attend Banner War. I'm
May 15

Re: Reminder: Kingdom Tournament Saturday, May 16th

What time, your Majesty? Sent from my iPad
May 14

Reminder: Kingdom Tournament Saturday, May 16th

Greetings Umbrians, this is a reminder that Kingdom Tournament is this Saturday, May 16th. In Service, HRM Cameron Kilshannig  Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE
Scott Fitzpatrick
May 13

Canton of Blackheart news...

It's official! Canton of Blackheart will be holding our tournament at Phoenix Comicon! Our Steel tournament will be at the 12:30 show, and the Renn tournament
May 10

Kingdom of Umbria annual site fees

Greetings Good Populace, As announced at previous events, the annual April 2015 - April 2016 Umbrian site fees are due now. The fees are: $10.00 per person
May 8
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