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Re: I was born in 1962

Shirl, Can you give more details? Thanks! Sharon sc_94 wrote: I was hoping to find all my sisters and Brothers that I have never met. Shirl
Sharon C
Jul 24, 2005

Female 6/13/69 ISO Birth mother/family

Born in Baltimore, MD - birth mother from Michigan or Minnesota, about 24 y.o. at time of my birth and was possibly a school teacher, adoption done thru
Jul 23, 2005

I was born in 1962

I was hoping to find all my sisters and Brothers that I have never met. Shirl
Jul 23, 2005

female dob 5/16/64 ISO information

Why are they making it so hard for us to get our records that we have every right to, especially medically? I make all the phone calls but end up getting
Jul 7, 2005

new mexico july 15 , 1962

I am looking for a full brother born on the above date in albuquerque, nm. His father is a caucasian member of the air force at the time named richard hall.
Jun 15, 2005

Searching for 1/2 brother

Searching for my 1/2 brother. Given up for adoption in 1967 or 1968 in Santa Monica California. Father Douglas Lee Farmer and mother Diane. Don't know mothers
Jun 10, 2005

Looking for biological son

I gave birth in Wichita, Kansas in April 1971. It was a private adoption and he was taken to Iowa (Des Moines) where he was united with his adoptive parents.
Ginny McKinney
Jun 6, 2005

female DOB 7/25/64 Miami ISO bfamily

Sex: Female DOB: 7/25/1964 POB: Pan American Hospital, Miami Florida Bmom first name may be Carol. was 5'4 blonde blue eyed late 20's divorced w/1 female
Apr 21, 2005

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Mar 31, 2005

born 03/02/72 looking for mother

hi my partner is looking for his mother he was born in australia on 03/02/72. Seperated at birth he is full of y questions and now needs to know if u can help
Mar 26, 2005

Re Mom Still Searching

Male born 1965. Jan or feb around the 17th Mother Marjorie Alice Shaw madin name. Dr. Melcome Byers.
Mar 26, 2005

My 1/2 Brother was born 07/19/69 or 1968

Not realy shore of the year. He was born at the medical Center Hospital in Burlington, Vermont. There also in the Family that want to find him sisters and
Mar 17, 2005

10/21/1966 searching for bmom,bdad

my name is rachelle i was born in louisiana,adopted from st.vincents infant home on jan.18,1967.my bmom has blonde hair,br eyes.bdad has brhair,breyes.both
Mar 11, 2005

1/6/1966 Female Adoptee ISO Birth Family

I was born in Albuquerque, NM at Presbyterian Hospital on 1/6/1966. My adoption was handled by David Cargo. Please contact me at Smokewitch2003@....
Feb 25, 2005

Looking for mom

I am 32 years old and I was adopted in 1972 July 18 in Mecklenburg, NorthCarolina. I Don't know if my mom is liviing or not . all I know is my lastt name is
Sharon Lee
Feb 18, 2005
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