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42female dob 5/16/64 ISO information

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  • Maria
    Jun 20, 2005
      Why are they making it so hard for us to get our records that we
      have every right to, especially medically?
      I make all the phone calls but end up getting different info every
      time i do call even the same places. I wish they would get together
      on this and decide just one way to get the job done. It makes me
      soooo mad! I hate the way the laws are set. What about our rights,
      our children's rights and their families rights to know information
      about themselves? Doesnt anyone out there care???
      In my situation even if I do get on registries, it may not mean
      anything because of the ways the laws are that if my birth parents
      did not give consent to have any more than non-id given out and/or
      they are not around anymore, I could still run into a road block
      because despite court orders my records would still remain sealed.
      There HAS to be a way around this!
      I was born in Illinois but the adoption was finalized in Missouri.
      There are 3 reasons why I would want certain records... (1)my female
      issues, (2) my son's chest deformity that is known to be heriditary
      and he has a speech impediment, (3) to see if my husband and I are
      closely related, as in brother and sister since his birth father
      used to drive over the road for a trucking company and may have had
      a trist with someone in Illinois that could be my birth mom...then
      we could trace down why our son had the defect and if he can pass it
      along to his kids, etc.
      I was told today that I do have valid reasons to open my records
      even tho another family was denied when they asked for records to be
      open even in a life or death circumstance.
      Please forgive me for "ranting" about this but I feel I am grasping
      for needles in a haystack that may not even be reachable by any
      means. This is so depressing....
      I am looking for anyone that can help in any way, even if it is only
      to let me know you know what it feels like being on this side and
      you understand....I just need to know someone is out there....on my