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PRESS RELEASE: Municipal League Releases Ballot Recommendations for August Primary

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  • Loren
    For Immediate Release August 1, 2011 Contact: Vanessa Lund Board Co-Chair, Issues Management (206-612-9172) Municipal League Reviews Two Measures on Upcoming
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      For Immediate Release

      August 1, 2011


      Contact:   Vanessa Lund

                     Board Co-Chair, Issues Management



      Municipal League Reviews Two Measures

      on Upcoming Primary Ballot


      The Municipal League of King County today released positions on Referendum 1 and Proposition 1 to appear on August 16 Primary ballots.


      The Municipal League:


      Recommends voting “YES” on Referendum 1 - This procedural vote is an unnecessary and costly stalling tactic. The deep-bore tunnel is a compromise solution arrived at after a decade of planning, community process and environmental study and further delay will only continue to endanger lives and add costs to the project.  Citizens of Seattle have shown through polling and through a previous ballot measure that there is no consensus on a Viaduct replacement solution. Thus, state and local elected leadership, with due input from stakeholders, has reached agreement on this option.  It is funded, it minimizes disruption to the regional economy and to traffic during construction, it removes the eyesore that is the Viaduct and it opens the waterfront to downtown Seattle. As a community, we must now get behind the agreed-upon plan and move forward.


      SUPPORTS King County Proposition 1: the Veterans and Human Services Levy- The renewal of this levy would help sustain essential services to some of our County’s most vulnerable populations. We believe $17 a year is a small price to pay for these critical investments.  We recognize that times are tough for King County residents and many are struggling to keep their homes. However, failure to renew this levy may actually make matters worse since it would likely result in the elimination of services to those most in need.



      Volunteer members of the Municipal League’s Ballot Issues Committee carefully researched and reviewed information, considered all sides of the issues and prepared summary reports.  The committee was led by co-chairs Kathy Elias and Vanessa Lund.  Each recommendation was carefully reviewed by the Municipal League’s trustees.  A copy of the full summary and background on both measures, along with the Committee’s findings, recommendations and rationale, can be found at www.munileague.org.


      About the Municipal League


      The Municipal League of King County is a nonpartisan volunteer organization that has worked to ensure government that is open, effective and accountable since 1910. The Municipal League is dedicated to improving the caliber of public officials and the quality of public decisions. Ballot recommendations are determined by groups of citizen volunteers who study the issue and review information on all sides. The recommendations are then reviewed and approved by the Municipal League Board of Trustees, whose focus is on promoting effective government.


      For more information contact the Municipal League at (206) 622-8333 or online at http://www.munileague.org/.


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