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Southwest District Council Meeting on Wednesday, May 7th

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  • Frankl, Jenny
    Hey all, Yun Pitre will be staffing the May 7th Southwest District Council meeting, as I will be out of town. Below (& attached) is the agenda in a draft
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2014

    Hey all,

    Yun Pitre will be staffing the May 7th Southwest District Council meeting, as I will be out of town.  Below (& attached) is the agenda in a draft form, should there need to be minor.  Please note changes to Yun.  The minutes from our April meeting are also attached.


    Thanks all and I look forward to catching up with you all when I return,

    Jenny Frankl

    Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

    Neighborhood District Coordinator

    South Region Team

    Office: (206) 233-2044 | Cell: (206) 396-0200



    Public Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement

    Consistent with the Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW, all records within the possession of the City may be subject to a public disclosure request and may be distributed or copied.  Records include and are not limited to sign-in sheets, contracts, emails, notes, correspondence, etc. Use of lists of individuals or directory information (including address, phone or E-mail) may not be used for commercial purposes


    Southwest District Council

    Wednesday, May 7, 2014

    6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

    Senior Center of West Seattle, 4217 SW Oregon St, Nucor Room


    A G E N D A


    6:30 p.m.        Welcome and Introductions, Approve Previous Meeting Summary, & Announcements – Sharonn Meeks & Vlad Oustimovitch


    6:45 p.m.        Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS)

                            Brian Dougherty, from SDOT, will share information about past, present, and future SRTS projects in the Southwest District 


    7:15 p.m.        West Seattle Land Use Committee Update – Vlad Oustimovitch


    7:25 p.m.        CNC Update – Chas Redmond


    7:40 p.m.        Other SWDC business


    ·         West Seattle Relay for Life – Jenni Nadler

    ·         Neighborhood Matching Fund Workshops:  June 2nd Deadline for the Small & Simple Fund

    ·         Emergency Hub Drill on May 17th

    ·         Topics for upcoming SWDC meetings


    8:00 p.m.        Adjourn


    Written Delegate Reports:            

    Admiral Neighborhood Association

    David Whiting/Jim Cavin

    Alki Community Council

    Tony Fragada

    Fairmount Community Association

    Sharonn Meeks

    Fauntleroy Community Association

    Vlad Oustimovitch/Bruce Butterfield

    Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council

    Karen Lyons/Mary Fleck

    Highland Park Action Committee

    Mike Shilley

    Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO)

    Rene Commons/Ellen West

    Morgan Community Association (MoCA)

    Chas Redmond/Tod Rodman

    Senior Center of West Seattle

    Jim Edwards/Karen Sisson

    West Seattle Chamber of Commerce

    Hamilton Gardiner/Dave Montoure

    West Seattle Junction Association

    Susan Melrose

    Westwood Roxhill Arbor Heights Community Council

    Eric Iwamoto

    Other Participants:

    Seattle Police Department

    Captain Steve Wilske

    Southwest Seattle Historical Society/Log House Museum

    Carol Vincent/Clay Eals

    West Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs Project

    Cindi Barker/Karen Berge

    West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

    Karen Berge/Deborah Greer

    West Seattle Library

    Sybil de Haan/Jane Appling





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