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West Seattle Transit Coalition

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  • Amanda Kay Helmick
    Good Afternoon Neighbors, I am Amanda Kay Helmick, the Chair of the Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights (WRAH) Community Council. Over the last several months, our
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    Good Afternoon Neighbors,

    I am Amanda Kay Helmick, the Chair of the Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights (WRAH) Community Council.  Over the last several months, our Council has been talking a lot about transit-related hits that West Seattle is going to be taking soon because of Viaduct construction and tear-down.  We even went as far as hosting Metro in June for a question and answer session about the looming 17% cut in Metro funding instead of our regularly scheduled Council meeting.  We are very serious on the issue of transit :)

    This has coalesced into an idea to attempt to build a West Seattle peninsula-wide coalition of community groups, civic groups, business groups, and full endorsements of both the entire Southwest and Delridge District Councils -- a huge show of community force to save Metro options on the city level.

    The short version of the idea is that if the funding and tax authority for Metro fails to materialize from Olympia, that the City directly take action to financially mitigate the devastation to all of our commuters.  This would be city residents purchasing Metro hours directly for in-city service hours.

    Additionally, it would ask them to consider putting a levy on the 2014 general election to explicitly fund in-city Metro services to return to the levels from the pre-2010 cuts backs.  In pure political terms, this could give them some cover and an opportunity to use all this to their own election-cycle advantage. In any scenario, either vote passing only helps West Seattle commuters.

    We feel that as a Community, transit for West Seattle is extremely important and needs to be addressed now. Not in 2015 when the Viaduct is down and we are being funneled onto I-5, 4th Ave S and 1st Ave S with reduced bus service and thousands of new residents in the Junction.  We truly feel that a peninsula-wide effort cannot and will not be ignored.

    Attached is the current draft wording of the letter that would, ultimately, go to both Mike McGinn and Ed Murray.  As well as all incumbents and candidates for Seattle City Council, the appropriate county-side individuals like Dow Constantine and the Metro leadership, King County Council members, all West Seattle representatives to Olympia, and the media. We are asking you for your endorsement of this letter. The hopeful date to send this would be September 30th at the very latest

    In Community,
    Amanda Kay Helmick
    WRAH CC Chair
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