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1309West Seattle News You Can Use- March 19

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  • Pitre, Yun
    Mar 19, 2014

      You're receiving these emails because you live in West Seattle (Delridge and Southwest Districts). To learn even more about these events and other ways Department of Neighborhoods supports your community be sure to visit http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/districts/delridge.htm  or http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/districts/southwest.htm.


      If you would rather not receive these e-mails, could you send  us a quick e-mail so we can take you off of our distribution list? Also, if you have events and/or information you would like for us to share, please pass it along. Thanks!

      Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

      Neighborhood District Coordinators – South Region Team


               Yun Pitre


      Office: (206) 386-1924

      Cell: (206)730-0364


      Ed Pottharst


      Text: (206) 423-1942


      Jenny Frankl


      Office: (206) 233-2044

      Cell: (206) 396-0200

      Recruiting Volunteers for CRT and DCRT Members

      Depave Day - an opportunity to break up some asphalt and bring more green to Highland Park

      Workshop dates for Large Projects Fund applicants

      Seattle 2035 - Comprehensive Plan Update EIS Scoping Meeting & Open House

      New Planning Commissioners Sought

      Online Community Building and E-Activism

      Training for New Seattle Design Guidelines

      Seattle Neighborhood Summit on Saturday, April 5th

      Seattle Community Climate Projects – Two Funding Opportunities Available

      Protect Our Waters, Clean up Our Streets, and Tackle Graffiti


      Recruiting Volunteers for CRT and DCRT Members


      It is that time of year again! Neighborhood Matching Fund(NMF) is preparing for the 2014 Large Projects Fund review process that highly depends upon community members participating on both the Citywide Review Team (CRT) and the District Council Review Teams (DCRT) Review Team. Both the CRT and the DCRT provide 50% of the Large Projects Fund (LPF) score. Each District Council participates in the LPF Process by:

      ·         Providing a Citywide Review Team representative who evaluates all LPF applications.

      ·         Providing 4-5 District Council Review Team members to evaluate LPF applications for their respective district.


      The Large Project Fund awards up to $1.4 million annually. This year’s Large Projects Fund deadline is May 5, 2014 which results in an LPF review process primarily in June. Please note, we will provide childcare for children two or older for CRT/DCRT members to participate in the LPF review process. If you have childcare needs , please let us know.


      Your CRT member and DCRT representatives should:

      ·         Be a member from any organization represented on the District Council.

      ·         Be familiar with the NMF Program, community initiated projects, and the review process.

      ·         Be willing to openly state any conflict of interest that would limit participation in the review.

      ·         Be available to participate in the LPF Review process:

      o   For the CRT representative—review all applications and participate in 30-40 hours of meetings and activities. Participate in all the LPF Open Houses for all projects.

      o   For the DCRT—review applications and participate in an assigned LPF Open House for projects in their respective district.


        Please contact Yun Pitre at yun.pitre@... or 206-386-1924 if you have any questions or need additional information.    



      Depave Day - an opportunity to break up some asphalt and bring more green to Highland Park. 



      Workshop dates for Large Projects Fund applicants

      Neighborhood Matching Fund supports neighborhood groups for community-building projects


      The Neighborhood Matching Fund, a program of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, is hosting four more workshops for those interested in applying to the Large Projects Fund this May. The Large Projects Fund provides awards of up to $100,000 in matching funds to neighborhood groups for community-building projects. Attendance at one of the six workshops offered is required in order to submit a Large Projects Fund application.


      The mandatory workshop will provide an overview of the Neighborhood Matching Fund, the qualities of a good project, and the application process. Neighborhood and community groups interested in the fund are invited to attend. Workshop dates and locations are as follows:



      Tuesday, March 25th, 6 – 8 p.m.

      Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Ave Northeast


      Tuesday, April 8, 6 – 8 p.m.  

      NewHolly Gathering Hall, 7054 32nd Ave South


      Thursday, April 10, 6 – 8.p.m.

      Miller community Center, 330 19th Ave East


      To learn more visit http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/nmf/largeproject.htm. For additional information or to request an interpreter (one week prior to preferred workshop), applicants can call 206.233.0093 or email NMFund@.... The deadline for the Large Projects Fund is May 5, 2014.


      The Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) Program awards matching funds for projects initiated, planned, and implemented by community members. Its goal is to build stronger and healthier neighborhoods through community involvement and engagement. Every award is matched by a neighborhood’s contribution of volunteer labor, donated materials, in-kind professional services


      Seattle 2035 - Comprehensive Plan Update EIS Scoping Meeting & Open House


      On March 24 the City of Seattle is holding an open house to discuss ways to plan for the growth expected in Seattle in the next 20 years.  Learn about options for future population and job growth in Seattle, and comment on growth alternatives to be studied in an environmental impact statement (EIS).  Public comments will help set the scope for the environmental study of growth alternatives.


      Seattle 2035 is the 20 year update of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan.


      Staff from DPD and our consultant, Studio 3MW, will be there to answer questions, but more importantly to listen to your comments and learn about your priorities.


      Meeting Details:


      Time: 5-7pm

      Location: Bertha Knight Landes

      Seattle City Hall

      600 4th Avenue (entry on 5th Avenue)



      5-5:30 Open House with staffed displays about Comprehensive Plan, Seattle 2035, Growth Alternatives, Environmental Impact Statement Process

      5:30-5:45 Presentation about Comprehensive Plan and Seattle 2035 by DPD

      5:45-6    Presentation about the Environmental Impact Statement Process by Studio 3MW

      6-6:30    Public Comments on proposed Growth Alternatives

      6:30-7    Open House continues with staffed displays about Comprehensive Plan, Seattle 2035, Growth Alternatives, Environmental Impact Statement Process




      Senior Planner

      New Planning Commissioners Sought


      The City of Seattle is looking for candidates to serve on the Seattle Planning Commission beginning in April 2014. Planning Commission members are appointed by the Mayor or the City Council and may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms. This year, three positions will open in total; two positions will be appointed by the Mayor, and one will be appointed by the City Council. The City is committed to promoting diversity in the City’s boards and commissions. Persons of color, women, persons with disabilities, and sexual minorities are strongly encouraged to apply. Commissioners must reside in Seattle and serve without compensation.


      The 16-member Commission advises the Mayor, Council, and City departments on citywide planning goals, policies, and plans and provides them with independent and objective advice on land-use and zoning, transportation and housing issues.


      To be considered for appointment to the Commission, please send a letter of interest and resume by March 28, 2014 addressed to:

      Vanessa Murdock, Executive Director

      City of Seattle Planning Commission

      PO Box 34019

      Seattle WA 98124-4019

      Or via e-mail to : vanessa.murdock@...

      Please consider including any voluntary personal information regarding your cultural background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability that might assist us in meeting the City’s goal to create diverse boards and commissions.


      You are invited to attend the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods PACE Program‘s seminar on strategies and tools for effective online civic engagement.

      ·         Learn about inclusive and interactive online tools. Discover resources from the City of Seattle. Understand how and when to engage in eactivism.

      ·         Decide which electronic strategies are best for you.


      When: Monday, March 31, 6 – 8 p.m.
      Where: Seattle Center Armory Loft 2

      This event is FREE, but space is limited. Please RSVP by Monday, March 24  to Lindsey Greene at lindsey.greene@....


      Meet the Facilitators!

      David Keyes is the Community Technology Program Manager for Seattle’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT). He has directed the City’s digital inclusion programs and related strategic partnerships since 1997. He leads the Technology Indicators research project and the City’s work of developing the PugetSoundOff.org youth civic engagement project.


      Vicky Yuki is the Outreach and Education Coordinator for DoIT and serves as the project manager for the ivic engagement component of the Technology Matching Fund. She manages the Get Online Seattle campaign, educational campaigns around computer security, affordable Internet and computers, and DoIT’s publications and social media campaign.


      Joe Szilagyi is secretary and one of the founders of the WestwoodRoxhillArbor Heights Community Council and a founder and board member of the West Seattle Transportation Coalition. He has worked in various areas of the IT industry for nearly two decades and lives in West Seattle with his family.


      Phillip Duggan is a member of the Pinehurst Community Council, the Technology Advisory Board, and a 2012 PACE Graduate.


      Training for New Seattle Design Guidelines

      Curious about the changes made to the Seattle Design Guidelines? On Tuesday, March 25, DPD will host a public informational training session on the City’s new design guideline format and language.

      Training Details:

      When: March 25,  4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

      Where: Seattle Municipal Tower, Room 2240,700 5th Ave., Seattle

      RSVP: Click “sign up” on the bottom left of the calendar event

      In 2008, we launched an effort to update the design guidelines that are used to evaluate multifamily and commercial projects under the Design Review Program. On December 16, 2013, the City Council approved new citywide design guidelines and 18 sets of revised neighborhood-specific design guidelines, replacing the guidelines originally drafted in 1993.

      The revised guidelines:

      ·         Bring the original citywide design guidelines forward to the present day, incorporating lessons learned from the development of neighborhood-specific guidelines and almost 17 years of projects reviewed under the Seattle Design Review Program.

      ·         Update the format and clarify language in the neighborhood-specific design guidelines to make it easier to seamlessly apply both sets of guidelines—citywide and neighborhood—to evaluate future development projects.

      ·         Maximize the effectiveness of the guidelines as a tool in encouraging better design while keeping the guidelines clear and easy to use by applicants, Board members, and the public.

      ·         Incorporate current best practices in design guidelines and address issues not contemplated during the drafting of the original design guidelines in 1993.

      For more information about this informational training session, please contact:

      Lisa Rutzick
      (206) 386-9049

      Seattle Neighborhood Summit 2014

      Seattle Neighborhood Summit on Saturday, April 5th

      Save the Date: Saturday, April 5th - 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - Seattle Center, Exhibition Hall

      Give us Feedback: