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[Adams Morgan] Re: Police Deployment and DC Tax Dollars

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  • cgoulddc
    I didn t think I was suggesting that anyone should just accept the police s word for everything! God knows the Secret Service seems to almost always go
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 2, 2003
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      I didn't think I was suggesting that anyone should just accept the
      police's word for everything! God knows the Secret Service seems to
      almost always go overboard, in my eyes. And, indeed, I also agree
      with you that it seems like there's too many cops around handling a
      very small amount of protesters. I was simply saying that there
      could be more there than meets the eye, and that I didn't really know
      more than the police do about what it takes for them to do their
      job. I think it's fine to second-guess them (and the media too), but
      I think that ought to be taken for what it is - second-guessing by
      someone who may or may not know the whole story.
      At the same time, I would suggest that when you call Chief Ramsey "PR
      flack Ramsey," you are revealing a certain bias that may lead you to
      a different conclusion.
      (Not that I don't have my biases, either. As I've already suggested,
      I don't really think that some of the protesters during the IMF/World
      Bank protests were necessarily as peaceful and as innocent as they
      would have people believe - although I wasn't intending and hope I
      didn't leave the impression that I have disrespect for their right to
      protest, or indeed that I didn't have some sympathies for parts of
      their messages.)

      --- In AdamsMorgan@yahoogroups.com, Richard Hancuff <mlbrwh@g...>
      > cgoulddc et al,
      > I would be suspicious of trusting either the authorities or the
      > on why there aren't as many police in the neighborhoods as there
      > be. The police, quite frankly, have reasons to tell the media that
      > staffing has never been better. Several people on this list have
      > out numerous instances in which the police, generally in the person
      > PR Flack Ramsey, have been caught in mis-statements about both
      > staffing and police reaction. I suppose we could accept several
      years of
      > protests as the reason that the police staffing in the
      neighborhoods is
      > below what it ought to be, but then I think we need to ask
      questions of
      > the hierarchy again: why are they so slow to react to something
      > apparently been going on for several years? Come to think of it, DC
      > been the site of protests for several decades...but at any rate,
      > scale protests do not happen everyday. Police shortages in the
      > neighborhoods happen every day. Let's try to deal with the issue
      and not
      > blame convenient scapegoats like protesters for suddenly draining
      > police...
      > Finally, I will never accept an argument that asks me to believe
      > the police (or any state authority) know best and we should
      > drop the subject. That's not the society I want to live in. If the
      > police have a compelling reason for bringing 340 officers to a minor
      > activist event (that has happened monthly for a long time and never
      > before was such a crisis), then I want to hear it and I want to talk
      > about it.
      > Rich Hancuff
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