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Re: [Adams Morgan] Re: Alleged embezzlement from AMBPA

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  • gewissensbisse@rcn.com
    Chuck Brazie has dirt on Pat Patrick and Lisa Duperier, I would think.... AND Just like in a movie, I can hear him saying: If I go down for this, Ill take you
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      Chuck Brazie has dirt on Pat Patrick and Lisa Duperier, I would think.... AND
      Just like in a movie, I can hear him saying:
      If I go down for this, Ill take you all with me.

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      >Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2011 00:28:06 -0400
      >From: AdamsMorgan@yahoogroups.com (on behalf of "Madams Organ" <madamsorgan@...>)
      >Subject: [Adams Morgan] Re: Alleged embezzlement from AMBPA
      >To: <AdamsMorgan@yahoogroups.com>
      > Jim and Hector
      > Actually, I think you are getting a response from
      > the BID leadership and Pat Patrick.....their silence
      > speaks volumes......if you were called out for
      > continuing to hire someone who you knew had stolen
      > thousands of dollars from your organization and it
      > was discovered that you knew about the theft but
      > decided behind closed doors to keep the theft a
      > secret from your board members and any and everyone
      > else....what could you possibly say that would
      > justify such ridiculously corrupt or inept actions
      > or in-actions? The BID leadership certainly would
      > not want to have an open and truthful discussion
      > about allegations that can only smell worse as more
      > is known about them.
      > I consider Pat Patrick a friend and have known him
      > for over twenty years, but when I also tried to get
      > some answers from him about the theft and cover-up,
      > he hung up on me. He had said previously that he
      > had brought the matter up with Cmdr Kucik and had
      > been advised by him that the theft would be hard to
      > prove....but when I told him that I had just spoken
      > with the Cmdr and his recollection their one phone
      > conversation was that Pat had called him to make
      > sure that he(Pat) was not doing anything criminal by
      > not pursuing the issue criminally.....the Cmdr told
      > me that it seemed that, rather than pursue theft or
      > embezzlement charges, Pat was only concerned that
      > the money be returned. He told Pat that was Pat's
      > decision to make. The Cmdr was very emphatic that
      > he had not advised Pat one way or another, but had
      > offered to have the matter investigated by a
      > detective. Pat declined his offer. Pat was
      > apparently unhappy that I had spoken with the Cmdr
      > and he just hung up the phone rather than discuss
      > the issue with me. I've had no response from him in
      > about a month.
      > As with a lot of issues in Adams Morgan, whether
      > it's accountability of funds for Adams Morgan Day or
      > for Adams Morgan Mainstreet, the answer to any
      > questions is to stonewall...if you just refuse to
      > address these issues, they'll just go away.....and,
      > seemingly, they are usually right.....and it's the
      > same cast of characters each time that seem to be in
      > the thick of things....there is never accountability
      > and certainly no punishment for mis-deeds here in
      > Adams Morgan.
      > When I spoke with Jim Graham about this particular
      > issue he, too, said that he had recommended that the
      > BID distance themselves from Chuck Brazie. But he
      > also told me, pretty unconvincingly, that he was
      > powerless to put pressure on the BID board when they
      > ignored his recommendation and continued to hire
      > Brazie even with his and their knowledge of Brazie's
      > mis-deeds while an officer at AMBPA.
      > Often in the courts, when a person is found to have
      > stolen monies, they are ordered to pay
      > restitution........But, but re-paying stolen funds
      > after you've been caught stealing them does not
      > erase the fact that the funds were stolen in the
      > first place.
      > Only in the Adams Morgan BID and Adams Morgan
      > Business and Professional Assoc are you allowed not
      > only to re-pay the missing monies without any
      > criminal accountability or even public disclosure
      > .......but, surprise!! Here they want to give you
      > a prominent job representing the whole community on
      > the biggest public works project in decades....Why?
      > in recognition of your outstanding past
      > performance?.......you gotta love it they have
      > actually tried to justify their decision by
      > describing Mr Brazie's character as being
      > "ethically challenged", but they were protecting the
      > community from him because, in his new position, he
      > would apparently not be handling money hello??
      > And then at the public meeting with the business
      > community last month, Mr Brazie tried to assuage
      > fears that the construction project would destroy
      > businesses by telling them that there was a
      > substantial "slush fund"(his words) to help out
      > during construction.
      > If this was a movie, no one would believe it. It
      > would be funny if it were not so pathetic and
      > wrong. I mean this is the same Charles Brazie
      > specifically named in a Senate Select Committee on
      > Money laundering report earlier in this decade. The
      > report detailed the multi-million dollar fraud
      > perpetrated on an elderly Texas businessman....and,
      > according to federal court filings, he was aided in
      > that scheme by his then- girlfriend, Lisa Duperier,
      > who was, supposedly, the old man's confidant and
      > friend............right before they both just so
      > happened to show up here in Adams Morgan to
      > selflessly help our at-need community...and,
      > although I'm sure it is just coincidence, they both
      > became involved with non-profits handle great
      > amounts of money.......It looks like we, Adams
      > Morgan, are the new "old man" in this new
      > movie...or, rather, sequel to the last sad and sick
      > movie made in Texas.......does no-one here have
      > access to google?
      > I truly would much prefer to never get involved in
      > any of these issues...I'm pretty content running and
      > tending to my own business....really!...and I
      > certainly do not want to come off as Mr Good-guy or
      > holier than thou...I certainly am not, by any
      > stretch of the imagination....but I do care about
      > this neighborhood a great deal and, truth be known,
      > I'm kind of embarrassed that this kind of crap goes
      > on so brazenly and so few seem to care...... when
      > things like this are brought to my attention by
      > others, I would feel complicit in the wrong-doing if
      > I did not take a stand or let my voice be heard.
      > I still don't understand how so many others in this
      > neighborhood can apparently turn a blind eye or a
      > deaf ear to all of this.
      > Jim and Hector.
      > Good luck getting a straight story from this bunch,
      > Why not just...RID the BID, AMBPA and Mainstreet
      > Let's start this movie all over with a new
      > director, new producers and a new, fresh and clean,
      > cast of actors... I promise, if we do this: the
      > ending will definitely be a happier one...and the
      > production costs will also be a hell of a lot less
      > than this "Soon-To-Be, Cult Classic" that we've
      > been watching over and over and over for these past
      > few years
    • Bill Falls
      Gewissenbisse, do you have facts to back up this new leap on the Brazie embezzlement issue? If you don t, why make the claim? Bill Falls
      Message 2 of 4 , Apr 4, 2011
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        Gewissenbisse, do you have facts to back up this new leap on the Brazie embezzlement issue? If you don't, why make the claim?
        Bill Falls <billfalls@...>
        Washington, DC

        On 4/4/2011 1:31 AM, gewissensbisse@... wrote:

        Chuck Brazie has dirt on Pat Patrick and Lisa Duperier, I would think.... AND
        Just like in a movie, I can hear him saying:
        If I go down for this, Ill take you all with me.

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