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Re: [ancientmediterranean] Re: A Climate Change Manhattan Project

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  • Roger Bagula
    ... DD Farms I just just did work on the solar activity as the basis of global warming idea and used the fractal dimension of the temperature curve against the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2008
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      DD Farms wrote:

      At 05:32 PM 12/31/2007, Roger Bagula wrote:
      >There seems to be a nearly universal feeling among scientists ( in
      >all fields across the board)
      > that we need to spend time and money on a project ( a global
      > warming/ climate change Manhattan project)
      >to design fixes for the climate change problem. That money of all
      >the world's governments
      >needs to be spent on this research goal...My suggestion is that if a
      >presidential candidate isn't for such a project,
      >that we universally don't vote for him or her ( regardless of
      >political party... ).

      DD: I am an emeritus member of Sigma Xi, the Honorary Society for
      Scientists that have done original work. There is hardly what I would
      call, "a nearly universal feeling across the board" that there even
      is a warming. It depends on the base year you use whether the world
      temperature is hotter or colder. If you mean in the last years since
      the Ice Age ended, then you are pretty safe. That humans contribute
      is undoubtedly true, but so do termite emissions. What our percent
      influence is is rather uncertain. Still, it deserves consideration. I
      would be more interested in hearing from those that actually study
      the problem scientifically, than in the considerations of a rural
      sociologist, for example. Still, the use of tax money for the study
      is more appropriately decided by the folks from whom the tax is
      garnered. Their collective consideration as to the benefit cost
      relationship as to their own quality of life or living. Personally,
      and rather heartlessly, I feel that it would increase my own if we
      did the massive WX activity, than to spend the tax money on feeding
      the starving in Whatsoeverland. Just my cronky Utility curve.

      DD Farms
      I just just did work on the solar activity
      as the basis of global warming idea
      and used the fractal dimension of
      the temperature curve against the sun spot curve to prove that the temperature rise is independent.
      You know that history is what I do when I'm not doing more important work.
      I think of it as fun...

      The United Nations reports are universal
      across the board in all the sciences
      and scientists consulted that the temperature rise is taking place
      and that it is accelerating.

      I can give you as much documentation that you can download
      and check for yourself.
      You attitude and reaction is one of the reasons
      why I use "active" in front of many of my groups.
      You seem to have grown out of touch with the present
      and live in a past that is simpler and nicer than a future without polar ice caps will probably be.
      The Arctic ocean ice will all be melted bu summer 2013
      according to current estimates.

      Yes, everyone who has given serious consideration to the problem
      thinks that action before the train runs away completely
       is what we should be doing.
      The engineering programs proposed run from ocean co2 injection
      to pumping sea water into desert regions to
      keep the sea levels down.
      Salting the north Atlantic is the subject of one serious "hard" sci fi
      based on the future of our world in the coming 20 years by Kin Stanley Robinson.
      The problem of rapid climate change is one that is also real.

      If you want the human race to have a future as well as a history,
      I suggest that start rethinking your ideas and doing some "current"
      Here is a place to start your reading :
      (a site which has been recently updated)

      I suggest that you learn to care about the future of humanity.

      Respectfully, Roger L. Bagula
       11759Waterhill Road, Lakeside,Ca 92040-2905,tel: 619-5610814 :http://www.geocities.com/rlbagulatftn/Index.html
      alternative email: rlbagula@...
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