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Re: [About_Alfords] Re: Lodowick Alford(b1710) & Julius Alford(b1717), NC

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  • Gil Alford
    Phyllis,   There is no need to hold back on either.   Anyone can subscribe to About_Alfords.  We have assumed only folks who have some interest in AAFA
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 22, 2013
      There is no need to hold back on either.
      Anyone can subscribe to About_Alfords.  We have assumed only folks who have some interest in AAFA and/or Alfords (+ spelling variations) would likely subscribe.  AA does hold the right to approve subscribers, but that has never been a problem.  Just send an email to the address below and it is not necessary to have subject or text.
      Note there is an underscore ( _ ) between About and Alfords.
      One does not even have to be Alford kin to join.  We have members who joined because they had a member who was a friend,  The non-Alford even attended some of the meetings.  Others joined because they hoped to find an Alford connection.  For the lineage on the application just enter ?? John Mitchell & Winney Alford ??
      We would also like to knock down that brick wall.  Who knows, maybe we will by the time our meeting is over in Raleigh in October.
      From: Phyllis Maher <pmitchell3985@...>
      To: About_Alfords@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 6:31 PM
      Subject: Re: [About_Alfords] Re: Lodowick Alford(b1710) & Julius Alford(b1717), NC
      I have held back in joining/subscribing since I am not entirely sure I am an Alford descendant. I suspect that I am but again, no proof. Do I need to prove lineage to join? In the membership part of the application it wants you to write your line down from your Alford ancestor but I can’t really do that yet. So here I am yet again, back to Winnie and John.  They are truly my large brick wall.
      Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 4:29 PM
      Subject: Re: [About_Alfords] Re: Lodowick Alford(b1710) & Julius Alford(b1717), NC
      As I understand from Pres Max Alford you are not a subscriber, but just using the group.  As such I doubt if you can access the site and upload or post the file.  If I remember right - attachments are allowed with AA messages.  Yolu might try that.
      If the file has any application to Alfords or Alford descendants then you could probably send us a copy that we could post on our AAFA website which you and any others could access or download.
      From: pmitchellmaher <pmitchell3985@...>
      To: About_Alfords@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 4:13 PM
      Subject: [About_Alfords] Re: Lodowick Alford(b1710) & Julius Alford(b1717), NC
      Gil, I meant 1860 not 1850 as the last time John was documented. Sorry for that. I've done so much looking that I'll have to check my research file to answer your question. I have looked at the possiblity that John was a soldier in The War of 1812. I have also looked at DAR records and Fold3 for a Revolutionary service for his father, John, Sr.. He was the right age. John Mitchell is such a common name that I can never be sure of who I'm looking at. I suspect John and his father, John, Sr.(I think) were from VA, which was the usual path. I have done DNA on my Mitchell line with Ancestry but no matches. This is why I thought the Alford line might be a good way to find out about John. He might be mentioned in a land deed, will or other document. I still have not found when and by which means that Pemberton acquired his farm/land. I hoped it would reveal some information. I do have one document that is my only hope right now. I have transcribed it. What would be the best way to post it so everyone can read it? Can I upload it to the "Files" on the group? Phyllis --- In mailto:About_Alfords%40yahoogroups.com, "gilalford@..." <gilalford@...> wrote: > > Phyllis, >
      > We have not given up on your question. AAFA is also interested in all
      that can be learned about the descendants of Winney Alford Mitchell. >
      > You said that John Mitchell was last heard from in the 1850 census, but
      I think he also appeared in 1860. Still living with Eli & Elizabeth Alford who apparently had named a 28 year old daughter Winnie. > > Do you know if John was a Lawyer? There was one in the war of 1812 whose age fits listed at ancestry.com "War of 1812 Papers, 1789-1815" who had a wife and 6 children. > > Have you checked out all of the several family trees at ancestry.com which they show as a possible fix. > > Every where I search I find myself asking the question-- I wonder if Phyllis has checked this. > > Did I are anyone else tell you that AAFA is planning to hold our AAFA Annual Meeting & National Alford Reunion in Raleigh, NC in October. Perhaps some of our researchs will find something there to help. > > Gil Alford, AAFA Corresponding Secretary > > --- In mailto:About_Alfords%40yahoogroups.com, "pmitchellmaher" <pmitchell3985@> wrote: > > > > Hello Group, > > I believe I am a descendant of Winney Alford(#7552) that married John Mitchell in 1803 in Wake/Franklin counties of NC. > > Winney's mother was Mary(#7096),the daughter of Lodowick Alford, b. 1710, New Kent Co., VA and her father was Isaac Alford(#5168), the son of Julius Alford(#27), b. 1717, VA. Winney's parents were first cousins as Julius and Lodowick were brothers. > > > > Some of us think that John Mitchell and Winney had at least 2 children, Pemberton, b. 1804, Wake Co., NC and possibly an Elizabeth that might have married a Nathaniel Jones in Franklin Co., NC.We also believe that John married a second time to a Elizabeth Barefoot(in 1811) > > > > John Mitchell was born 1779,NC and living with his sister Elizabeth Mitchell Alford that married Elias Alford in the 1850 census. That is the last documentation we can find. > >
      > > Are there any Alford researchers out there that have come across
      any information that sheds light on the children of John Mitchell and Winney Alford? > > Thanks for any help, > > Phyllis Mitchell Maher >
      > >
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