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Re: Obituary Guidelines and Find A Grave

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  • kathrynsschultz
    Pam, I meant to ask you this a while ago, but I wanted to make sure that you received the 2 photos of Kathryn Dickenson I sent to the AAFA email address Gil
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 10, 2010
      Pam, I meant to ask you this a while ago, but I wanted to make sure that you received the 2 photos of Kathryn Dickenson I sent to the AAFA email address Gil gave me. I also wrote to John and Janice about them, but I haven't heard back from them either, so I might need to send them to you, them, and Earline separately. I told John that he would probably need to work some of his computer "magic" on the more recent one of her with her husband, but I know from seeing what he had done before that he can do that. Please let me know whether I need to send these again.

      I still need to try to find my greatgrandmother's obituary in a Pine Bluff, AR newspaper.
      Thanks for reminding me to get that done.

      Have a Merry Christmas!

      Kathy Schultz

      --- In About_Alfords@yahoogroups.com, pamrthompson@... wrote:
      > Hi Kathy,
      > Thank you for alerting us to the death of Kathryn Tipton Dickenson, AAFA
      > #0783. I will post Kathryn's In Remembrance with her obituary to the AAFA
      > Member Memorials web page, _http://www.alfordassociation.org/mem.html_
      > (http://www.alfordassociation.org/mem.html) , soon. We would very much appreciate
      > a photo if you can scan one from the funeral program.
      > Generally, I collect obituaries of everyone whose name was Alford (or
      > variation) at any time in their lives. Kathryn's Alford ancestor was several
      > generations back, so her obituary will not be included in our Tennessee
      > Obituaries (when I get it posted), but because she was a member, it will be on
      > the Member Memorials page.
      > Looking at your lineage,
      > _http://www.alfordassociation.org/tafels/tafel_0568.pdf_ (http://www.alfordassociation.org/tafels/tafel_0568.pdf) , I see
      > that your Alford ancestor is also a few generations back. Therefore, for the
      > same reason, obituaries of your mother and grandmother would not be included
      > in our obituary collection. However, if you can locate an obit for your
      > great-grandmother, Sarah Frances Alford Wilson, who died in 1939 in Arkansas,
      > we would love to have it!
      > Incidentally, FindAGrave.com has memorials for your great-grandparents in
      > Bellwood Cemetery Annex, Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., AR. However, there are
      > no gravestone photos. If you are a member of Find A Grave (free), you can
      > request that a photo be taken. You can also request that the memorials be
      > transferred to you since you are a direct descendant within 4 generations.
      > Then you can add info, photos, etc. You'll see that they don't have your
      > great-grandfather's full name, which you can request they correct even if you
      > don't get the memorial transferred to you.
      > Find A Grave is a great resource for family members as well as current and
      > future genealogists, and I would like to see everyone use it!
      > --Pam Thompson
      > In a message dated 10/18/2010 9:17:32 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > kathysschultz@... writes:
      > Pam, I have been meaning to write about this to you since last month.
      > Do you only take Alford obitiuaries or also those of Alford descendants?
      > A lady in our DAR chapter, Kathryn Tipton Dickinson, passed away
      > in late September. I believe she was at one time an active AAFA member.
      > I know she was at the Paducah, KY meeting, because I first met her there.
      > We discussed her either Lake or Lauderdale Co., TN ancestor several times
      > over the years, since that is pretty close to Gibson Co., where my Alfords
      > lived.
      > If you would like her obituary, I will be glad to put it on here.
      > I don't believe I ever sent my mother's or grandmother's obituaries to you
      > either.
      > My grandmother's mother was the Alford. Grandma was a Wilson,
      > and my mother was a Thompson. If you would like those, too,
      > I will try to relocate them.
      > Kathy Schultz
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