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  • Jim Liptrap
    Mar 1, 2014
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      Even when it is not my line. (I descend from Job Alford’s brother Jacob)  Anything ‘easy’ to find I already have, published, on-line, most manuscripts, etc.  Sometimes it’s fun to “plow fresh ground” even if, as this case, it was already on the Alford website.


      As Alicia observed, working back in time can be a challenge on the website, which does an excellent job showing descendants.  But to find your great-grandfather, you really need to know how he descended from the early Alfords.


      HINT for researchers on the Alford website – which I didn’t think to use earlier:

      Use Google Advanced Search. And tell it to search just the Alford website.  It looks like   "Andrew Jackson Alford" site:http://www.alfordassociation.org/  The right link for Alicia’s search is at the top of page 2.





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      I know what you mean, the search is interesting, but the FIND is fabulous!


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      Thanks.  I enjoy the search.  …..even more when I FIND something!



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      What an amazing amount of info you found... I am in awe!
      Even though this isn't my branch of Alfords, I want to acknowledge your response and detail information.
      Just continues to show the generosity of spirit in the Alford family!
      JoLynn Alford Long



      On Friday, February 28, 2014 3:09 PM, Kathryn Schultz <kathrynsschultz@...> wrote:


      Alicia, I don't have anything on your Andrew Jackson Alford either.

      I think I would have noticed already if you were among my
      Family Tree DNA Family Finder matches, but have you
      done that test yet? If you have already done it or have it done,
      it would be interesting to see whether we are shown
      as matches, as our lines are both supposed to be
      in the Alford Lineage II (I think I am quoting that correctly
      without checking back right now.), as my Alford cousin's
      Y-DNA test put him in that group.

      Kathy Schultz


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