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586Re: Fwd: Seasonal Savings from Family Tree DNA

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  • Kathryn Schultz
    Nov 24, 2013
      Sherry, I agree with John's recommendation.

      Also, I am on 2 separate Yahoo email lists
      (DNA-Newbie and Cumberland Gap), and,
      though I still don't understand a lot of the discussions
      even for "newbies," it comes through loud and clear
      that those who have tested with Ancestry (which I believe
      is autosomal only, not Y-DNA, though I could be mistaken)
      have been very dissatisfied with Ancestry's lack of support
      and not providing the kinds of information we automatically
      get from Family Tree DNA. There have also been discussions
      of mixups in Ancestry's genetic makeup assignments
      compared to what those who had tested with Family Tree DNA
      or 23andme had already gotten.

      I had my Alford cousin's Y-DNA testing done through Family Tree DNA,
      because I knew that the Alford Surname Project was large enough that
      there was a greater chance that he would get good matches.
      He did get 4 close matches, which has helped us greatly to narrow down
      our ancestor's probable Alford line.

      I ordered my Family Finder and mtDNA tests through our Alford group,
      but I don't know whether our Alford matches are grouped any way
      for those tests. So far I haven't yet found any Alford matches
      to correspond with, but I am still hoping.

      My Wilson 2nd cousin, who also descends from the same Alfords I do,
      just got his Family Finder results back, and I will be checking through his
      matches to see whether he has any Alford matches (other than me).

      Kathy Schultz
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