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576Major Texas Obituaries Update

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  • pamrthompson
    Oct 21, 2013
      I just posted a major update to Texas Obituaries:
      The last update was posted two years ago and had about 650 pages. The file is now so large, almost 900 pages, that I had to divide it, first names A-J and K-Z.
      Many old obituaries are included—thanks to June Schaub, AAFA #1083, for typing them from the newspaper clippings. I’ve also made an effort to include gravestone photos, mainly from FindAGrave.com. (I call this an effort because I have to get permission from each photographer to use their photos!)
      If you have “Alfords” in Texas (lots of Halfords and Alvords too), look for your family in Texas Obituaries. We’d love to have additional photos and obituaries if your family is missing! If you find a family member who is missing a lineage, let me know.
      Don’t forget to check our Site Updates from the link on the home page:
      You’ll see many recent notices for updates to Alford Cemetery Records (a big thanks to Wayne Parrish, AAFA #1254 for managing this huge project!) as well as updates to obituaries in these states since the beginning of the summer:
      Alabama (finally got this state posted!)
      District of Columbia
      North Carolina

      Thank you,

      Pamela Alford Thompson (FAG #47195155)

      Obituaries Project Manager, Alford American Family Association

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