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556FW: Re: [aafa-olnl] REVISING Newsletter Sent Yesterday

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  • gilalford@rocketmail.com
    Jun 3, 2013
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      Hi Frieda,

      It was good to hear from you again. Notice that I am responding through About_Alfords. You did not come to me that way but we prefer that members NOT use the aafa-olnl-owner address for responses as it goes to some of the leadership that would not be at all interested. I would prefer that most of my personal email, that which pertains to AAFA or Alfords actually come to me via About_Alfords where others who might be interested can get in on any possible action. As we proceed I'll be using this technique to redirect some things.

      Would you believe that I have 14 emails that were spawned in one way or another from the newsletter. I'm still waiting for some input for the revision which I have already tested and find to be a great improvement. There will also be something new added - a financial page.

      I think this coming Raleigh NC meeting is going to become one of the most important we have ever had. I look forward to participating in anyway I can.

      I can see where you would feel something missing after having been to 8 meetings over a ten year period. You know__ you and granddaughter Laura became something of a tradition over those years. I well remember our visits at several of these meeting.

      Speaking of Laura - Congratulations to her for graduation. I recently befriended her on Facebook. I'm doing this with several members to see if I can learn more about how AAFA can better use Facebook. I've downloaded apps and books but not making much progress. I have seen some non-personal Facebook pages that show me there is some hope for AAFA to do this. Like the National Archives at I think www.nara.gov

      Hey, we are not old yet. We were both born the same year but I have plans that extend on until I'm 97, which is age my father died. Speaking of slowing down-- I guess you don't go stomping around in Kansas cemeteries anymore. I'll bet there could be some mutual assistance if you would go visit the AAFA Kansas cemetery page. Several of us have done some work there but I have no feel for the overall status as of now. Why don't you go explore via http://www.alfordassociation.org/CEMETERY/ks_cem.html
      While you are there you can make corrections and additions, move graves around, etc.

      I remember sister Augusta AAFA #1176, very well. It is ironic that the NC meeting is coming up next as it was the 2001 meeting in Raleigh where I met Augusta. She was a lot of fun. I wonder -- did by chance she get named "Augusta" because she was born in August? Mary and I named our first daughter "April" because she was born in April and we could think of nothing else. Second daughter screwed our naming up though when she was also born in April two years later -- in Germany. With a little luck she could have been May or June.

      Give Laura a hug for me and if you get down to Yuma do so with Augusta and give her our love.


      Let's all of us stay in touch.

      Gil Alford

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      > Gil---- I forgive you for any mess you make--always good to hear from
      > you. I would dearly love to attend the Raleigh meeting --alas and
      > alack--old age is taking it's toll with me so will not try to attend.
      > My sister is still with us --she will be 99 the 21st of August. Is now
      > in a nursing home in Yuma, AZ--was the closest long term care facility
      > to her home in California.
      > Love to hear from you
      > Frieda
      > In a message dated 6/1/2013 1:01:41 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > gilalford@... writes:
      > Hi Again,
      > I want to tell you that I am revising the newsletter that I sent to
      > you yesterday - May 31, and I apologize for having sent you such a
      > mess. I did so want to make a good impression with this first issue.
      > When I "finished" it I printed in Word Perfect and it checked out
      > just fine. I pasted a copy in the Yahoo Groups RTF format and checked it
      > on the monitor and the first screen looked OK. I should have looked
      > further, but weather was threatening and I needed to move on. We were
      > under a tornado watch. I sent it and when I got my email copy I
      > printed, took it out of my printer and headed upstairs and out of the
      > basement with a copy in my upstairs-downstairs "diddy bag."
      > After supper I looked at the printout and was not at all pleased in
      > the way the font size converted. It looked worse when printed and was
      > only so - so when I viewed it on my Kindle-Fire.
      > About that time the baseball game between Pam's San Francisco Giants
      > and my St. Louis Cardinals was postponed from 7:00 last night until
      > 12:15 today. We are winning as I speak. Before the evening was over we
      > had tornados touch down all around the area and were disposed to get
      > back in the basement for a while.
      > Just as we got back upstairs we had a call from my cousin, Sally
      > Stoewer in Baton Rouge, LA wanting to know if we were OK. She had
      > seen Florissant mentioned on the news. While visiting she asked about
      > the AAFA meeting this year and advised me that she and Dick planned to
      > be there. They volunteer for Red Cross work and earlier had expected not
      > to be available, but she is now suffering with muscular degeneration,
      > has sight problems and the Red Cross will not let them work.
      > Sometime earlier I had invited J.J. Johnson, AAFA #1189, to come to
      > the meeting as I had noted he was born in North Carolina. Yesterday
      > evening I had an email from him advising that he and his son, and
      > research partner, might make it.
      > I do hope you are planning to make it to Raleigh. I've gotten some
      > suggestions as to how I may make an appearance and we are working on
      > that.
      > I was sorry to see that one of you had already taking my suggestion
      > to unsubscribe from the olnl.
      > I'm making some minor changes in the newsletter that should yield
      > significant improvement, along with a couple boo boo corrections and
      > with the help of some of the members -- hopefully - some upgrade or
      > enhancement and will get you something better in a few days. It will
      > be a pdf attachment allowing me to check out our planned format
      > change.
      > In the meantime - if you are not a subscriber to About_Alfords why
      > don't you do it now. I plan to lead discussions there over the next
      > month dealing with some of the subjects mentioned in the newsletter.
      > Send your email to About_Alfords-subscribe@...
      > <javascript:parent.wgMail.openComposeWindow('About_Alfords-subscribe@...')>
      > .
      > Again... forgive the mess I sent you yesterday.
      > Gil Alford, AAFA Corresponding Secretary & Interim Newsletter Editor
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