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  • ej northrop
    May 31, 2013

      Looks like mine are in the same line if you go back a number of generations. 


      http://www.damnedcomputer.com/genealogy/nalvordstone.html  (scroll down about ¼ way down)


      Only the recent info is original.  The rest are (hopefully)appropriate copy and paste from rootsweb.


      A few thing that might be of assistance – Some of the Northhampton MA group moved around quite a bit.  My Elisha/Elias was born Northhampton, moved to Durham CT area, may have spent a few years in Guilford, CT and finally settled in Fairfield, CT. 


      It appears that a number of the descendants stayed in some kind of contact with cousins over many years.  This surprised me until I realized that he was around and seemingly active until his death in 1776 so it  makes more sense that my gggg grandfather, John Alvord, would have some contact with others since his father (my ggggg grandfather Elisha) was alive and in the same town until the birth of his two grandchildren (John II and David).  I know my ggg grandfather moved to Litchfield county, CT and  I haven’t done all the research, but neighbors in Fairfield just a few farms away started Fairfield and two other towns in Vermont and I suspect some NY near CT border Alvords who were early Salina, NY settlers were related as well.


      So don’t be surprised if you see some of them hopping around a bit.  You may also find you have a collection of usual suspects as they all keep marrying into the same group of families.


      Good luck,






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      Hi I am looking for any info on Thankful Miller Alvord, sister of Mary Miller.  Also Pvt Gad (l726, John l685 and Seth l763).  I believe this line married into my son's dad's line, so he is related to Alvord's on both sides.  Also my relative Joseph Alvord Jr had a brother named Medad Alvord who was in the French and Indian war.  l758 - l798.  We are also researching our patriots.  Thanks to any who can help.  One more question.  Does anyone know if the Alvord's who married into the Wright family, if the Wright's are related to Orvil and Wilbur.  My son also has the Wright connection on both sides when traced back far enough.  I am fascinated by this. Thanks for any help.  Marti


      From: sharon webb <sharon_webb742002@...>
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      Subject: Re: [About_Alfords] I'm Interim Editor of AAFA Monthly OnLine Newsletter


      I am fairly new to the AAFA so I am not sure what you will take for obits. I am attaching 3 obits from a Columbus, GA newspaper for 3 of William Henry Alford's (son of Job Alford) & Elizabeth Stillwell,  daughters.


      Miranda Alford Narramore Huckaba        26 Jan 1912

      Huckaba (Huckabee, Huckaby)                Columbus (GA) Ledger 

      1st husband Oliver P. Narramore

      2nd husband Isham W. Huckaba


      Matilda Laura Alford Edwards                    01 Oct 1901 

      m. Andrew J. Edwards                               Columbus (GA) Daily Enquirer


      Amanda Alford Young                                12 Dec 1905

      m. Benjamin H. Young                                Columbus (GA) Ledger


      Miranda is the only obit that lists the Alford name and that is her brother William Floyd Alford. I have marriage certificates for all three of these individuals as well. Please let me know if you might possibly need anything else.

      Sharon Pettit Webb




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      Subject: [About_Alfords] I'm Interim Editor of AAFA Monthly OnLine Newsletter


      Hi,Just wanted to let you know that I am editing the monthly AAFA OnLine Newsletter- now.I'll be sending out the first version tomorrow to all olnl subscribers. If you are a AAFA member and not subscribing, you can correct that by sending an mail to:mailto:About_Alfords-subscribe%40YahooGroups.com (note underscore after About)No subject or content is required.The newsletter is for members only. If you are not a member you can fix that by going to the AAFA websitewww.alfordassociation.organd printing or downloading save) a copy of the application then completing it and send to the address provided along with a check for $5 - the current cost for membership.I am determined to make this the best newsletter it can possibly be and I need your help, ideas, etc.Shown below is the latest list of contents. Subject to change.Non-Editorial Comments From The EditorHappy Memorial Day to all!AAFA MemorialsAAFA Member MemorialsWelcome to New Members2013 AAFA MeetingPlanning Future Meetings - Where, When & Format (content)Alford Cemetery InformationAlford ObituariesAlford Y-DNA - Interesting and PerplexingGeneric Y-DNA - A Layman's ExplanationArticles and PublicationsComing!Member Feedback I'd guess you'll be hearing more.Gil Alford, AAFA Corresponding Secretary

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