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547I'm Interim Editor of AAFA Monthly OnLine Newsletter

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  • gilalford@rocketmail.com
    May 30, 2013
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      Just wanted to let you know that I am editing the monthly AAFA OnLine Newsletter- now.

      I'll be sending out the first version tomorrow to all olnl subscribers.

      If you are a AAFA member and not subscribing, you can correct that by sending an mail to:
      About_Alfords-subscribe@... (note underscore after About)

      No subject or content is required.

      The newsletter is for members only. If you are not a member you can fix that by going to the AAFA website
      and printing or downloading save) a copy of the application then completing it and send to the address provided along with a check for $5 - the current cost for membership.

      I am determined to make this the best newsletter it can possibly be and I need your help, ideas, etc.

      Shown below is the latest list of contents. Subject to change.

      Non-Editorial Comments From The Editor
      Happy Memorial Day to all!
      AAFA Memorials
      AAFA Member Memorials
      Welcome to New Members
      2013 AAFA Meeting
      Planning Future Meetings - Where, When & Format (content)
      Alford Cemetery Information
      Alford Obituaries
      Alford Y-DNA - Interesting and Perplexing
      Generic Y-DNA - A Layman's Explanation
      Articles and Publications
      Member Feedback

      I'd guess you'll be hearing more.

      Gil Alford, AAFA Corresponding Secretary
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