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Abhyasa Ashram Activities update - OCT 11, 2011

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    Abhyasa Ashram Newsletter: Local activities, online meetings, retreats, other programs Update: October 11, 2011 Abhyasa Ashram School of Self-Awareness in the
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      Abhyasa Ashram Newsletter:
      Local activities, online meetings, retreats, other programs
      Update: October 11, 2011

      Abhyasa Ashram
      School of Self-Awareness in the
      tradition of the Himalayan masters
      505 Hooper Drive NW
      Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

      Details are at Meetup-dot-com calendar (our main calendar):

      Times below are central time in US (same as Chicago). Unless otherwise specified (such as "Online") all activities are at Abhyasa Ashram in Florida USA.

      See also the new (as of September 2011) course site (http://abhyasaonline.com) for the discussion forums related to the topics below. Contact me if you want login info (please include your first and last name, city/country, and email address).

      WED, Oct 12, 12:00pm: Enlightenment without God discussion (ashram)
      WED, Oct 12, 7:30pm: Online: Yoga Sutras

      THU, Oct 13, 12:30pm: Online: Tri's satsang in Dutch (7:30pm in Holland)
      THU, Oct 13, 2:00pm: Online: Jennifer's satsang; Saundaryalahari

      FRI, Oct 14, 6:30pm: Open community, fellowship, satsang

      SAT, Oct 15, 8:30am: Online: Sacred Journey by Swami Rama
      SAT, Oct 15, 9:30am: Coaching in systematic meditation as described in the Summary of Practices book
      SAT, Oct 15, 10:30am: Coaching in preparation for meditation (postures, relaxation, breathing)
      SAT, Oct 15, 11:30am: Silent Meditation (Daily schedule is below)
      SAT, Oct 15, 7:30pm: Online: The Path (an article on systematic meditation)

      SUN, Oct 16, 9:00am: deep relaxation (30-Min guided meditation)
      SUN, Oct 16, 10:00am: Center for Nondualism: (topic "Expectations")
      SUN, Oct 16, 4:00pm: Online: Bhagavad Gita

      MON, Oct 17, 1:00pm: Online: Arun's satsang, Meditation and Its Practice
      MON, Oct 17, 2:00pm: Ashram: Anatomy and other educational DVDs
      MON, Oct 17, 4:00pm: Ashram: Bhagavad Gita

      NOTE: If you are in the local area, you are welcome to sit in on the online discussions from here in the office of the ashram. Also, we sometimes transmit the local gatherings out through the online meeting service.

      Online login info is here:

      NOV 14 - Dec 4: Meditation retreat in India
      MAR 6-27, 2012: Meditation retreat in India
      DEC 22 - JAN 2: Holiday retreat at Abhyasa Ashram for members and active participants (by reservation)
      JAN-FEB 2012: Week-long retreats; topics TBA.

      Weekend or week-long self-transformation retreats at the ashram for Members and Regular Participants of the ashram (by registration; contact for registration)

      Abhyasa Ashram calendar - main calendar is through meetup.com:

      Center for Nondualism calendar:

      DAILY: Daily meditations:
      6:30-7:30am: Meditation #1
      ..6:30-6:35am: Daily Mantras
      ..6:35-7:00am: Prep for Meditation (Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
      ..7:00-7:30am: Meditation
      11:00-12:00pm: Meditation #2
      ..11:00-11:30am: Prep for Meditation (Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
      ..11:30am-12:00pm: Meditation
      5:30-6:30pm: Meditation #3
      ..5:30-6:00pm: Prep for Meditation (Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
      ..6:00-6:30pm: Meditation
      9:00-9:30pm: Meditation #4
      ..9:00-9:05pm: Daily Mantras
      ..9:05-9:10pm: Prep for Meditation (Brief Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama)
      ..9:10-9:30pm: Meditation

      Members and regular visitors to the ashram are welcome to stop by at other reasonable times to use the meditation hall. There is a CD player and copies of the Yoga Nidra and Basic Meditation CDs by Swami Jnaneshvara; you are welcome to use these.

      RENOVATION/REPAIRS: Cabinets are 90% installed; knobs have been installed on the cabinets; now we only needing finishing touches. Finally, we think the leaking roof has been repaired; we have a few missing shingles to be replaced, however.

      MEMBERSHIP: We have three levels of involvement in the ashram, which are
      described here:
      (It is now membership renewal time for membership through December 2012)

      SELF-AWARENESS TRAINING PROGRAM: After a very long time in preparation, the program has started. Let me know if you want to participate. Here is info:

      LEARNING SITE: The learning site is now online at http://abhyasaonline.com . Outlines have been created for 25+ courses. The first phase has been to set up the topics within each course and to create discussion forums in each of them. Then we'll start to create the actual content. However, having the discussion forums will allow us to start immediately, especially with the books and videos we are reviewing both in the ashram and the online meetings we are already having. A little more info is here http://bit.ly/iktGmt. Let me know if you would like to participate, sending me your email, first and last name, city and country. If I will not recognize your name, please introduce yourself and let me know about your life and interests, and why you'd like to do this.

      FEES and DONATIONS: A special thanks is extended to the people who financially support the ashram. We charge no dues or fees, and the ashram operates on the loving donations of its members and participants.

      ONLINE Satsang
      We currently have seven online discussions per week. Look here for details:

      LEARNING SITE: The learning site is now online at http://abhyasaonline.com. See the announcement in the section above.

      Our approach to training is mostly individual, one-to-one as the way Yoga meditation and contemplation has been traditionally taught for thousands of years. Personal coaching is available by appointment most days at 9:30am or 2:30pm. Please call or write to schedule a time. Group training is also done in an intimate coaching setting.

      Programs are designed with ashram Members and Regular participants in mind. Come for a few days, a week, or a month. Please contact the ashram with dates requested, biodata, and an explanation of why you want to participate in the particular program for which you would like to register. The ashram operates on the loving donations of Members and Participants; there are no fees.
(programs begin Saturday @ noon, and end Saturday @ noon)
      DAILY (JAN 28 - FEB 25)
      - 4 Meditations each day
      - Daily self-awareness and internal dialogue practices
      - Daily practices in alignment with the topic of the week
      - Daily videos of Swami Rama lectures
      - Lots of community/satsang interaction
      JAN 28 - FEB 4: Week of Om
      FEB 4 - FEB 11: Week of Chakras (Balancing/Purifying through Bhuta Shuddhi, Om and Sohum kriyas)
      FEB 11 - FEB 18: Week of Yoga Nidra
      FEB 18 - FEB 25: Week of Yoga Sutras

      November 2011
      March 2012
      November 2012
      Details are on the website:

      A Community for Nondual Religion, Yoga, and Philosophy
      Providing a "Sunday Alternative" for the Emerald Coast
      SUNDAY, 10:00-11:30am (The conversations are so lively and rich that we often don't end on time.)
      Meetings are held at, and are sponsored by the ashram with no rental charge.
      At 9:00-10:00am each week we have a Deep Relaxation session of one form or another. Details are announced each week
      MEETUP CALENDAR (this is the main calendar for the Center for Nondualism):
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