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DATE CORRECTION: 1st Annual Non-Dualism Conference, February 23, 2008

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    OOPs! DATE CORRECTION: It is Saturday, February 23 (not 24, which is Sunday) 1st ANNUAL NON-DUALISM CONFERENCE Saturday, Feb 23, 2008 Fort Walton Beach,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2008
      It is Saturday, February 23 (not 24, which is Sunday)

      Saturday, Feb 23, 2008
      Fort Walton Beach, Florida
      Sponsored by the Center for Non-Dualism

      The Center for Non-Dualism is sponsoring its 1st Annual Non-Dualism
      Conference on February 24, 2008. The event will most likely be at the
      Gardenia Room of Cayo Grande, which is where we regularly gather on
      Sundays. The location may be shifted to another Fort Walton Beach
      venue depending on response; if so, that will be announced in coming
      weeks. The goals of the Conference are to:

      - Enjoy the camaraderie of people who share this perspective
      - Better understanding of the nature of Non-Dualism
      - Gain practical insight about Non-Dual meditation and practices
      - Learn how to live Non-Dualism in a cultural of Dualism
      - See the Non-Dual roots of yoga, religions, and philosophy

      PRESENTATIONS: There will be a total of six presentations, with each
      presenter discussing three informative points or perspectives. The
      topics may be from a wide range of areas, with each explaining the
      practical relationship to Non-Dual perspectives and practices in
      daily life.

      PRESENTERS: The presenters include the following (Please see the bios
      on the Center website)

      Don Daniels, Founder and Director
      Swami Jnaneshvara, Founder and Director
      Bill Campbell, Director
      Carolyn Reynolds, Council Member
      Debbie Bolender, Council Member

      MEDITATIONS: There will be two guided meditations; one in the
      morning, and one in the afternoon.

      EXAMPLE TOPICS: The presenters will decide upon their own three
      questions on which to comment. Some possible examples are listed

      What is Non-Dualism?
      What's the difference between Non-Dualism and Dualism?
      What is the history of Non-Dualism?
      Is Non-Dualism a religion?
      What faiths follow Non-Dualism?
      How does Non-Dualism relate to God?
      What is it like to experience Non-Dual consciousness?
      How will Non-Dualism affect my family life?
      Will this perspective affect my work life?
      How does Non-Dualism relate to Yoga?
      Why haven't more people heard of Non-Dualism?
      How does Non-Dualism relate to meditation?

      SCHEDULE (subject to small revisions)

      8:30 Arrival at meeting room
      9:00 Introduction to morning programs
      9:15 Presentation #1 (30 minutes; then break)
      10:00 Presentation #2 (30 minutes)
      10:45 Guided Meditation (30 minutes; then break)
      11:30 Presentation #3 (30 minutes)
      12:00 Potluck Lunch
      1:00 Intro to afternoon programs
      1:15 Presentation #4 (30 minutes; then break)
      2:00 Presentation #5 (30 minutes; then break)
      2:45 Guided Meditation (30 minutes; then break)
      3:30 Presentation #6 (Panel; 60 minutes)
      4:00 Q&A and closing remarks
      4:30 End of conference
      7:00 Optional Dinner at Thai restaurant (or Indian)

      POTLUCK LUNCH: Please bring some healthy vegetarian food, snacks, or
      beverages for potluck lunch. We all know that potlucks often have far
      more than is needed, so if you are traveling from out of town, or
      forget, please come and enjoy what others have brought.

      FEES: The conference is being offered in the traditional way of
      imparting these kinds of teachings. That is, there is no fee.
      However, we live in a very real world, even though it might
      ultimately be unreal in the Non-Dualistic sense. Therefore, we ask
      that you donate whatever you feel is an appropriate amount for a
      conference of this type. Your donations will most definitely
      determine the future of the conferences and the Center for Non-

      REGISTRATION: Please let us know as soon as you can of your intention
      to participate. Your registration will help us determine the size of
      the room we will need. Please do write sooner rather than later.
      Please write us at:

      SECOND CONFERENCE: The second annual conference is tentatively
      scheduled for Thursday, February 19 to Sunday, February 22, 2009.
      There will be approximately 20 presentations by 10-12 different

      We look forward to a large turnout so as to support our collective
      views on Non-Dualism and to increase awareness in our greater Emerald
      Coast community.

      In loving service,

      Bill Campbell,
      Don Daniels,
      Swami J. Bharati

      Center for Non-Dualism
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