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Shamelessly Hollering Out for Teachers at Panteria

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  • Anne of the Fuzzy Hat
    Greetings to all, Recently at the HRIM Scola event (EAST KINGDOM), a group of gentles was interested in seeing an Embroidery Track of classes at Panteria (
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2013
      Greetings to all,
      Recently at the HRIM Scola event (EAST KINGDOM), a group of gentles was interested in seeing an Embroidery Track of classes at Panteria ( http://www.panthervale.com/panteria/ ) - so we approached the class coordinator Daffyd and this was his reply -

      If you know of gentles wanting to teach or demonstrate something you can give them my email address:david.ovitt@... I am just starting to organize so now is a great time to have people toss their hats in!
      Love the idea of an Embroidery track. I’m sure we can find a space for the whole weekend. Definitely move this along.

      Of course, he will happily entertain hosting classes in any topic - so if you want to teach something- just email him. HOWEVER, some of us would really like to see an embroidery track that would have classes in the 12 categories that can be paneled in the official embroidery guild of the East Kingdom- Athena's Thimble. Here is a list of those categories-
      1. Couching and Laidwork
      2. Applique (inlay and onlay)
      3. Openwork (hardanger, hemstitching, drawn & pulled work, cutwork) - I have volunteered for this one, but there can be multiple classes. There is also a possibility that our kingdom MOAS may be able to attend and do a class in this category as well !
      4. Free Embroidery
      5. Counted Thread
      6. Canvaswork (needlepoint, Florentine)
      7. Padded Work (stumpwork, quilting variations)
      8. Pleated Embroidery/Smocking
      9. Needlelace (reticella, tenerife, punto in aria)
      10. Blackwork (blackwork, speckled blackwork)
      11. Metal Thread (period techniques only)
      12. Lacis

      Please forgive me for shamelessly trying to recruit some teachers for this event- but I hope the fact that the populace is ASKING for more classes bodes well for the growth of A&S in the SCA. I would also like to encourage any of you that have a skill to share reach out to Event coordinators in your area and offer to teach a class or even just host a round table about something you enjoy. You don't have to be an "expert" - you just have to be willing to share the knowledge you do have.

      Again, to volunteer for PANTERIA Arts and Sciences PLEASE do contact:
      Lord Dafydd Dafydd o Llyn Cwellyn

      (just a note of interest- I know they are planning a Kitchener's Track and there will be a spear throwing class as well.... heard some rumblings about some bronze/pewter casting classes and forge work.... past years have had glass work, cloissone, trichonopoly, jewlery, heraldry.... you never know what kinds of cool classes can appear at this event)

      I sincerely submitted this request on behalf of the unnamed gentles of HRIM Scola and myself.
      Yours in Service,
      Anne of the Fuzzy Hat

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