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  • Suzanne
    Yes, I m new here. And I ve been lurking for a little while. . . . I m in! I m trying for Breadth -- *completion* of 50 projects that enhance my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5 6:08 PM
      Yes, I'm new here. And I've been lurking for a little while. . . .

      I'm in! I'm trying for Breadth -- *completion* of 50 projects that enhance my understanding of the European Middle Ages -- because I have a very bad habit of researching a topic for a little while and then dropping it. And at the same time, Depth -- because I'm fascinated by headgear and I want to try 50 new-to-me versions of medieval "hats". [I expect some of these projects will end up in the canton's loaner garb collection, LOL.]

      For Breadth, the goal is to (for example): not just own the sheet music for Cantiga de Santa Maria no. 322, but master the correct pronunciation of the Spanish and memorize the refrain; not just read about late medieval belt pouches but actually make one (!) and use it; not only collect 16th century English recipes but <dang it> start cooking!!

      So my plan is to keep 2 separate tallies. I expect I'll finish the Breadth challenge; whether I make the deadline with the Depth challenge is an entirely different matter. I don't blog, but I may post an occasional update here just to keep myself on track.

      With enthusiasm but not much skill,
      Susanna de l'Essart
      Canton of Axed Root
      in the kingdom of Calontir
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