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children's activities

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  • Vicki Hyde
    There s all sorts of things you can do to keep the kids occupied. Just make sure you have enough reliable adult helpers around! For find the sheep , we had
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2011
      There's all sorts of things you can do to keep the kids occupied.
      Just make sure you have enough reliable adult helpers around!

      For "find the sheep", we had find the rats. Lots of rubber rats hid
      all over, and you could get tokens from the rat-catcher. For a
      greater challenge, go for smaller plastic spiders.

      Get the older kids to design a quest/treasure hunt/scavenger hunt.

      Stick chocolate coins inside balloons and tie them together to make a
      large wyrm -- everyone gets to hit a segment and claim the treasure
      the wyrm has eaten.

      All ages enjoy making twisted wire rings with beads for jewels.

      Painting large banners for the feast hall or a frontal for the High
      Table: do the outlines beforehand -- based on brass rubbings, the
      Manex Codex etc -- and have them colour in with acrylic paint. Best
      done in ancient garb!

      One of the most anticipated activities every year is the "roll the
      bodies" scenario. Give all your fighters/combat archers ribbons based
      on their ranks (ie higher rank, more ribbons). Have a free-for-all
      melee. When everyone is down on the ground, release the children. If
      you offer tokens/sweets for each ribbon, there's *lots* of
      motivation. Perhaps not the best thing for encouraging chivalry -- I
      recall watching one child check out a high-ranking knight/baron who'd
      already been rolled much to the kid's disgust so he promptly kicked
      the "corpse" Very authentic I thought!

      For more ideas, I've got a section on children and the Page School
      activities we've run over the years:


      Must update that, Dickon is now 18!


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    • katherine kerr
      ... I haven t updated it recently, but i ve got some material from when my children were younger available on my website here:
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 31, 2012
        > I just joined SCA after thinking about it and not doing it for quite a
        > while. I"m jumping right in here by starting the A&S50 breadth
        > challenge. My 8 year old daughter wants to join in too. What are some
        > ideas of kid sized projects? She says she wants to learn art and
        > cooking.

        I haven't updated it recently, but i've got some material from when my children were younger
        available on my website here:


        Linked from there, is material on the various page school activities I was involved with, here:


        That might provide some ideas. You can adapt a lot from standard adult/kid activities.

        eg Art

        Learning the rules/terms of heraldry, such as the tinctures/metals.

        Making up devices (my daughter first painted her desired device at a kid's activity when she
        was about 6; she's just had it registered at age 15 :-)

        Wax crayon stained glass windows/shields (grate the crayon, stick it in a suitable pattern
        between wax paper and iron to melt the crayon; you can use black cardboard cut out to
        provide the "lead")

        Learn how to make up period style paints, egg tempura etc. I'll never forget the "purest
        green" we got from parsley....

        Learn how to write your name in a preferred calligraphic style (or handwriting -- not everyone
        wrote beautifully!)

        We have our kids casting pewter tokens at Canterbury Faire -- you need adults to help out
        with that one; ditto with the pyrography rune slats!

        Beads -- look at portrait and make up necklaces or earrings. Hobby shops are likely to have
        kids bead sets. Practice on the plastic before you fork out for the pearls!


        The Boke of Cookery has plenty of recipes perfectly fine for anyone to make. Digby's
        Excellent Small Cakes were a big hit with my lot, and just as simple as any cupcake

        Make up your own contribution to a potluck feast if your group does those.

        Make confits/candied fruits and put them in small jars to provide as largesse.

        Cordials are another good, practical thing to learn to make, though clarea is more likely to be
        popular than sekanjabin! Another good product to give away.

        Make bread and butter and/or cheese -- there are lots of simple recipes and even kits

        So just some thought. With the SCA getting into second and third generation, there are lots
        of ideas out there, so do a search, check out Stefan's Florilegium:


        Most of all, just make sure she's having fun!


        katherine kerr of the Hermitage, in the Crescent Isles,
        Barony of Southron Gaard, Kingdom of Lochac
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