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My last A&S projects, current and future.

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  • Robert W. STephenson
    These are my Art and Sciences (A&S) projects that I am working on to date. These projects are entries for the Barony of Blatha an Oir in An Tir or the SCA wide
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2007
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      These are my Art and Sciences (A&S) projects that I am working on to
      date. These projects are entries for the Barony of Blatha an Oir in An
      Tir or the SCA wide Art and Science 50 for AS 50 project. The project’s
      web page is http://www.artsandsciences50.org/

      Mind you, most of these projects are still in progress and that includes
      the research.

      Big surprise, most of these projects is based on my Norse personae. I am
      using them as a method for more personae development.

      So in no particular order of important

      My first project is a carved basswood (lime wood) plate of the Mammen
      style as found on the Jelling stone by King Herald Blue tooth. One side
      is done, the dragon and snake. The other side of the stone will be
      another project.

      Basswood is period for the Norse. Lime wood, (Tilliaceae or Tillea sp.)
      is found in Skuldelev 1 ship and in church carvings in a 1,000 year
      Icelandic church.

      I am currently working on my first card woven belt with my wife’s help.
      I stung the cards and picked out the colors.

      I am using American Basswood, (Tillea Americana) due to its cost, ease
      of carving and availability.

      Another carved plate is Ringerike style of Norse art. I used the dragon
      stone from a sarcophagus found in St. Paul’s church in London.

      I am carving a basswood game board in Borre style, using the Ganut’s
      cross from the Isle of Mann as a guide.

      It is 9 man Morris on one side and Fox and Geese on the other side.

      I have ladle of basswood. This is about half finished.

      I am working on a wooden spoon of poplar wood. I am planning to make
      other spoons of different woods such as yew and apple.

      I am finishing up a bowl carved in butternut. While butternut wood may
      not be exactly period. It is a New World wood but I cannot imagine that
      someone did not bring some butternut wood back with them when they returned.

      I am thinking about using other woods for bowls. Of course, I would love
      to learn to turn a bowl, either modern power lathe or pole lathe.

      I am to be carving more examples of Norse art for my demo exhibit. I
      hope to have at least one example of each of the Norse art forms.

      I will try to hand sew a linen tunic, shirt and pants. I am planning to
      use the reconstructed clothing from the National Museum of Denmark.

      My primary reference is http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~capriest/viktunic.html
      <http://www.cs.vassar.edu/%7Ecapriest/viktunic.html>. Of course there
      will be more research on this.

      I hope to use linen for everything but here in lies a discussion. My
      Darling Wife tells me that linen can unravel easily and is not for
      beginner like me. Other knowledgeable people tell me that linen should
      be just fine.

      Several people have recommended http://www.denverfabrics.com/

      And http://www.fabrics-store.com/.

      Since both stores look just about the same, I am not sure which store is
      better. Although I think I like the fabric store because of this:


      I am confused on about the weight of the cloth. This outfit is meant to
      be a summer outfit, that is why the linen. I am told 7.5 oz is the best
      but the stores do not list the weight, just medium or light.

      I will have to do more research.

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