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Re: [AandS50ChallengeCommunity] Another New Person and a new beginning

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  • Karen Summerfelt-Hume
    Albreda, they haven t made the pot big enough that we can t stir up SOMETHING in it! I have stumbled across flags mentioned in several of my readings and
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 13, 2007
      Albreda, they haven't made the pot big enough that we can't stir up SOMETHING in it!
      I have stumbled across flags mentioned in several of my readings and searches but no real good physical descriptions are given - so far.  There are some in pictures that are 'of the period' but not necessarily in period.  Those may be accurate or they may suffer from "artistic license', something that always leaves me wondering how accurate period art is on topics like this.  I keep hoping one of the various Silk Road digs will turn up a true period Mongol flag.  I have found references  to them being used as part of the signal system - along with the drums - for directing troops.  Well, I shall find out eventually.
          I'm off to have fun next Saturday - teaching at Atlantian University.  One class is a repeat - Mongol Garb 101.  I'm doing it because our new Queen has opted to be Mongolian for the reign.  She and I are friends and we both take great joy in burrowing into assorted bits of information on our beloved Mongols.  The other class is new and should be fun - Hats and Hairstyles of the Mongols.
          As soon as I get it 'polished up' it will be added to my web page, which is now listed on the A & S 50 Challenge Yahoo page.  Just finished doing that but couldn't possibly list everything I wanted to pursue so I just listed Anything of Mongolian Culture. 
      Sain Morilaa,
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      Remind me to pick your brain on the concept of Mongolian flags, please.  Most of what few I've seen seem to mimic the Chinese flags (or perhaps it's vice versa?)  Anyway, they look like a short Gonfanon with an edge decorated to look like pointy teeth or short flames.
          Have you any sources that might help identify such a beastie?  The Tugh's are not true flags - looking more like dream catchers - but there must have been flags - I see them mentioned in a few period writings but so far - no descriptions.  Any notions?
      Sigh... and all because I asked what some wacky word meant....
      Bestill my network-happy heart!

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