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Birka! An Extra Challenge for the East and her neighbours.

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  • Jarrett Grace
    Good morning all! I hope those of you in the USofA are enjoying the extra hour and spending it working on your challenges! :D And don t forget -- all that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2009
      Good morning all!

      I hope those of you in the USofA are enjoying the extra hour and
      spending it working on your challenges! :D And don't forget -- all
      that daylight you saved during DST, you can spend it now getting all
      your challenge items ready for BIRKA!!!

      Yes, I know, Birka's in January and it's in the East Kingdom. But...

      1. It's a HUGE event and more importantly

      2. We have been given a large room for a display.

      Baroness Maria of Stonemarche (where Birka is held) is a huge fan of
      A&S and the Challenge. She's offered us one of the rooms directly
      across from the merchant's hall for a display of challenge stuff. This
      is seriously high visibility -- the rooms have glass walls!

      Birka is a royal progress and HRM Brenwen is also an A&S person and
      will be visiting the display.

      So if you're planning to come to Birka, or if you have friends who'll
      be there, bring, or send with your friends, something from your
      challenge. You don't have to be from the East Kingdom to display your

      We're still pretty much still planning things, but here's what we've got so far:

      1. Works in progress are as acceptable as completed works.

      2. There'll be a section for write-ups of non-portable items, so you
      bards, brewers, cooks, etc. don't need to feel left out.

      3. There will be security to make sure our valuable projects don't
      grow legs. The room will be locked when the merchant's hall is

      4. If you're up for working on something from your challenge and
      talking to visitors about it, that would be a hugely good thing.
      Nothing gets people interested better than seeing other people
      actually doing stuff.

      5. We'll probably need volunteers to talk to visitors about the
      Challenge. Lots of volunteers means we all get to do short shifts!

      I will be putting out a call to see who's planning to bring stuff to
      exhibit and who's up for a shift talking to visitors a little closer
      to the event.

      So, Challengers, I challenge you all to bring something to Birka. I
      might even find some way of rewarding those who do.

      EK Coordinator

      In collatione informatica ululans audiri non potest.

      livejournal: hugh_mannity (http://hugh-mannity.livejournal.com/)
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