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  • Vicki Hyde
    ... https://membership.sca.org/ Kingdoms have to have this written into Kingdom law in order to enact, so it can vary. (During one of the early pay-to-play
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2009
      > 2a. What it Takes to Get Kingdom (Atenveldt) Awards

      > 1. You MUST have a current, paid membership. You can get one at: > >

      Kingdoms have to have this written into Kingdom law in order to enact, so
      it can vary.

      (During one of the early pay-to-play debates in Caid I declined an AoA on
      the grounds that if I was going to be required to take a membership out
      in order to fight, then I couldn't in all conscience accept an award
      without being a member either...that was a tad controversial, to say the

      > 3. Anyone can recommend anyone else for ANY award.

      And you don't have to be a member of a peerage to recommend that someone
      be brought to the attention of an Order (I don't think this varies across

      > 7. If you have a household or group of friends who know the person you
      > want to recommend for an award, get them involved. Ask them to put in
      > recommendations for the person as well.

      Though petitions or mass templated letters don't tend to go down too
      well. If you're going to mount a campaign for someone, then be sure that
      the people involved are submitting their own ideas and views of the
      person involved -- it does help to get a more rounded view.

      And it helps a great deal if you can cite specific examples of service,
      courtesy, prowess, assistance, skill depending on the nature of the award
      you're suggesting. That's why sending recommendations immediately after
      an event, while things are fresh in your mind, is a Good Idea.

      When B&B, we kept a populace activity document (like a permanent record :-
      ) where we noted who had served in what office, stewarded or assisted at
      events, notes from event stewards as to who had been particularly
      helpful, verbal comments from the populace etc. Very handy when providing
      award or Order recommendations to be able to pull out a long list of what
      someone had done. You don't have to be a B&B or a Peer to keep an eye on

      And another topic entirely:

      > Katherina Weyssin Proud Lochacer, who has been in turn a member of
      > (in Australia), SCA Inc. (in the US) and SCANZ (in New Zealand)

      Me too!, though in a different order (Inc, SCAA, SCANZ :-)

      > Alban:
      > (I _think_ it was Thorfinn; it's been a while, like, years, since
      > we've talked, and I never was much good at remembering names, even of
      > those people I like.)

      Sounds like Thorfinn, and I'm pleased to say he's still going strong :-)

      > Alban, who'd like to go back Down Under one of these years, and visit
      > the other part of Lochac too.....

      Please do! You'll have a welcome mat put out for you (actually we can do
      more than just a mat and would be delighted to be able to do so :-).

      from the other part of Lochac, termed by some the Crescent Isles in
      honour of our days beneath the moons of Caid

      katherine kerr of the Hermitage, in the Crescent Isles,
      Barony of Southron Gaard, Kingdom of Lochac
      mka Vicki Hyde, Webwright, wordsmith
      bardic arts, maps, children: http://webcentre.co.nz/kk
      Barony of Southron Gaard: http://sg.sca.org.nz
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