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  • jonisyngs
    Feb 12
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      Greetings from Lady Siri Toivosdotter, Midrealm, MOAS of the Barony of Roaring Wastes.

      I teach elementary music as my daytime job, and I have a Recorder Ensemble.  A few years ago I decided to make Recorder cases for each student, but never got around to it.  A few weekends ago, determined to alleviate my sewing room of the massive pile of scraps, I made cardboard templates for Soprano, Alto and Tenor Recorders.  I cleared nearly the entire pile in a day and cut out a massive pile of cases in all the sizes.  There are many more than 50, but I currently have 36 students in my Recorder Ensemble.  So I think I will make 50 above and beyond the 36 I need this year . . .

      Our Barony holds an annual event called the Golden Seamstress, a 21-hour marathon sewing competition.  I did not participate in the competition last year, but spearheaded a project to provide garb to five people who were going to Pennsic War for the first time.  In the end, more than 50 garb items were created by those who were there that day (there were five of us) and some needed to be taken home to be finished.  I don't have any documentation of that other than pictures of those who cut and sewed, and some of the garb.  Would that count, even if I can't photograph all of the garb that was made?

      Are there any A&S 50 events scheduled in Midrealm at this time?

      I am determined to read my way through the conversations, and I apologize if I'm asking a question that has already been answered.

      Lady Siri
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