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      It hit me that I have done another A&S 50 (and a few more).
      Since doing my last two, I've made eight kites gifted to royalty, a dozen used by my queen at Pennsic in the procession; at least 40 for my teachers as thank yous and my baronet to use as largess; and an odd dozen given to the kingdom A&S to give away in showcasing our kingdom's artisans, and a handful I made in teaching classes at event, Gulf War and in A&S things at our home. Oh, and one given to our herald's daughter.

      Still having fun,


      THL Archer McRobert CSL OSR SLE CT
      Barony of Small Gray Bear A&S officer
      apprentice of Her Excellency Mistress Gwyneth Carr
      Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
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