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9958Re: [AandS50ChallengeCommunity] It's a wedding!

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  • Nancy McKay
    Jan 11, 2014
      On 1/10/2014 9:07 PM, Carrot Khan wrote:
      It is very odd - no matter how I seem to pace myself, I always seem to finish a panel on the weekend. 

      Year 38 finished and put to bed.  I might spend the rest of the night reading a book and relish the free time.  I did the math earlier and - if I stick to schedule - and give each of the remaining dozen panels no more than 40 days per, I will finish this albatross....wait, I mean this glorious opus - May 5th 2015.  Only five days past the 50th anniversary.  Not bad for a project I never thought I'd finish.  Hell, I never thought I'd get to year twelve and now I'm looking at the final dozen!

      Doing the prince/ess of Tir Righ was almost a relief.  It seemed that for a while I was doing the same Kingdom arms over and over again as they popped up in history for their landmark founding dates and participation other notable events.  A new territory was exactly what I needed to to make it feel all fresh and fun again.

      I had fun with the allegorical wedding of the king of Lochac and the daughter of the king of Caid, her excellency the Baroness of Southron Guaard.  :)  It made me realize that for a medieval project, I have very little medieval allegory going on.  I wasn't sure if it was because I was able to include text with each image (negating the necessity for the image to be completely dependent on visual decoding) or if the history I'm recording is so "History 101" a this point, there isn't a lot of embellishment going on for the facts at hand.  Earlier panels seemed to have more "visual description" but then there was a lot more happening in our early years due to rapid growth.  We've kind of stagnated in terms of new and unusual happenings.

      Something else I realized while putting the King of Lochac in ermine - for as many kingdoms as we have and as much royalty as we have amongst them it is surprisingly rare for even a Society territory and non-existent for a crown territory.  So much for a royal fur - you're more likely to find ermine (and variations thereof) on random populous!  Okay - maybe it's just me.  I see an awful lot of heraldry in my image searches and researching into various SCA personages and strange how little I see ermine - or any furs for that matter.  Perhaps it comes down to - "Gosh that's lovely!  But ohmigod the chore of having to sew it into a cotehardie/double/paint it on everything I own!"  (I freely admit I am envious of other kingdoms' online armorials.  The Middle has no such perfect resource.)

      Interesting also how the SCA has a love affair with griffons, amazingly light on the dragons, and unicorns are practically non-existent.  Even more so considering our more relaxed mythic beginnings. ;) 

      Last tidbit is how little green you see in kingdom arms.  Only Outlands has it as a major color.  A few use it as an accent.  The next kingdom to arise needs to have green and ermine.  Please, no griffons.  A unicorn would be swell.  Just to swap it up a bit.  You know - if you're taking suggestions.  ;)

      Tapestry Chick

      Dragons?  Green?  The Middle Kingdom - we have them both!  OK, so green is not the major color, but it is pretty substantial.

      Amusedly back at ya,

      Nadyezhda the Simple
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