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  • katherine kerr
    Nov 15 2:48 PM
      > ska: Baron Caleb Reynolds

      > I found the part about how long it took them to pound a couple of
      > pounds of almonds into powder, to make marzipan, incredible. I used
      > a cusinart the last time I made almond milk and that took a while to
      > grind the almonds down to powder. Even after watching this program,
      > I can't believe that it was done by hand and no one took revenge for
      > being forced to pound and grind almonds all day long.

      Last Canterbury Faire I was given the job of hand-grinding about a cup of peppercorns to a
      powder. I spent around 45 minutes on it before I rebelled.

      The Cook had good reasons for giving me the job -- there was no grinder, electric or twisty
      manual, available, and she made the choice to use fresh ground spices because they are,
      well , freher. I argued that fresh spices were OK for last-minute garnishing but as this stuff
      was to go into a dish for cooking, perhap purchasing pre-ground would have been a saner
      choice....We agreed to differ :-)

      But then I admit, my approach is a Pelican one, where you eliminate as much work as
      possible with, one hopes, minimal/acceptable compromise to the product. This is in regard to
      a multi-day camping event where you don't want to make random volunteers spend hours
      and hours on relatively pointless jobs they wil resent; if it had been a special supper-dooper
      feast, then you might be willing to make your hand-picked kitchen crew suffer for the output.

      katherine kerr of the Hermitage, in the Crescent Isles,
      Barony of Southron Gaard, Kingdom of Lochac