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9939Re: [AandS50ChallengeCommunity] documentation (lengthy)

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  • Dee Cadoret
    Nov 6, 2013
      To give you an example using my own challenge. I am making 50 nalbound
      caps in wool using as many period stitches as I possibly can.

      I have a hardbound lined journal and when I start a new cap I write down
      the Brand, or type if not commercial, and colour of the wool as well as
      the stitch I am using this time around. If I am doing a different
      connection I also jot that down. Then either as I go along or when I
      finish the cap I make notes about anything that catches my attention -
      stretchiness of the finished piece, decorative editions I made, how well
      it fits me, if I felted it and how that looks and works.

      Some of my entries are quite long and some are very short. It really
      just depends on what happens during the whole process. Like when I
      thought I was doing the dalby stitch only to find out later than it was
      not. In fact I still do not know what stitch it is. Lots of notes made
      on that hat, and the hat before also done with the incorrect stitch,
      about how I made the stitch with updates indicating that it was in fact
      not Dalby.

      When I do a display I bring the hats and the notebook. I find people
      really like flipping through the notebook at display events. But, I am
      also documenting on a Blog and being able to refer back to my paper
      notes which get updated real time while the blog is whenever I get
      around to it, makes the blog entries much easier.

      Does that help?
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