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  • J C Ronsen
    Aug 11, 2013
      I just completed my 140th piece of illumination since I started the A&S50 challenge in March of 2011. I have not only learned how to do proper illumination, but I started doing calligraphy and have done 21 pieces so far. It was suggested to me, in 2011, that I could take on the Challenge and do something that I was already good at: such as 50 batches of mead. Or 50 articles or research papers. But I chose to try something that I wasn't good at: illumination. I started by doing random scroll blanks and handing them off to my Baronial signet, then to Kingdom. Then to royal gift baskets. Along the way, I picked up good pigment and paper and took many classes on how to be better. I have now reached the point where when one of my scrolls is held up in court, it gets an "ooooh" or an "aaaaah". I am continually working towards making scrolls good enough that they will get a "dammmnnnnnnn" in court.

      Please, when y'all talk about the Challenge to those who think that they don't have any tallent, relate my words to those people: if I can't learn to do something, anyone can.

      And, if y'all are interested, the 140th peice can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/calebreynolds/9490595842/

      ska: Baron Caleb Reynolds
      mka: Caleb Ronsen
      aka: Bubba th' Barbarian
      Baron of the Court of AEthelmearc
      Because you can't spell "Blare Yens Cold" without Caleb Reynolds.

      Have a nice day - void where prohibited.
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