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  • katherine kerr
    May 1, 2013
      > Jadwiga:
      > Heh. Due to big ponds and ridiculous flight policies, there are two
      > kingdoms that are on my very-fervently-want-to-go-but-must-wait-until-later
      > list. It will involve major fund raising and plenty of vacation time,

      If you do decide to go for it, do let me know and I'll see what I can do about squeezing some
      pennies out of people (no gurantees, but every journey starts with a single step...).

      > 'cause if I'm making it ALL the way to Lochac/Drachenwald, I'll be spending
      > a few weeks there. For all the non-SCA friends I have to visit and sight
      > seeing I have to do (not want, have!) and if I make it to NZ, I have to try
      > to get a little bit farther to Australia in order to be able to cross

      Naah, you don't need to go to Australia -- it's full of venymous flora and fauna, mudde and
      dust. We just have hobbits and the odd elf lurking in the woods....

      > another continent off my Bucket List! ;) Managing to sneak in Antarctica
      > seems like I'd be pushing things (but what an awesome push!)

      It's possible through a variety of means. I did it via a media fellowship, my lord via a post-grad
      diploma -- not that we were preoccupied with getting down there or anything, but we have
      fought on the battlefield for the place!

      > And really - if I'm going to visit and display the tapestry, you really
      > deserve the _whole_ thing. No "almost finished" displays for you guys.
      > That means I still have two more years of hard labor before I can come out
      > to play.

      Sounds like the beginning of a plan!

      katherine kerr of the Hermitage, in the Crescent Isles,
      Barony of Southron Gaard, Kingdom of Lochac