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  • J.H. Grace
    Jan 31, 2013
      Yea, I had "words" with a lady doing a natural dyeing demo at the NH Sheep
      and Wool a few years ago. Her audience was mostly women, and she was using
      Tansy. Lovely stuff, gives a great yellow colour, grows like a weed (duh!).
      And is a great way to get yourself a miscarriage.

      Didn't say a word about the potential danger of it, was passing it round
      for people to examine. Then got snippy with me when I said "excuse me, but
      if you're pregnant, you shouldn't be handling that stuff."

      Who studied herbal medicine lo these many years ago. After all, in a
      post-zompocalypse world, BigPharma won't be around to keep us healthy.

      On 31 January 2013 00:43, Diane <bahriah@...> wrote:

      > a timely reminder that natural does not equal safe, for example Rhus
      > leaves make a lovely dye but are very likely to cause allergic reactions.
      > If you keep pots separate, you don't have to worry.
      > Claricia
      They told me to "get a life". So I got one. Now I have no time to do

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