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848Re: Lochac intros?

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  • john_t_stewart
    Apr 17, 2008
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      Hi there.
      I had wandered over to see the AS50 challenge session at festival and
      was a bit disapointed that it didn't happen. So since post festival
      activity has settled down and there was a local A&S workshop weekend
      I did what most people do now and spent the last couple of days
      finding out about the challenge on-line.

      While I have been around for a while my SCA activities have been
      mostly service oriented. I have always wanted to be a bit more artsy
      and this challege has pushed me over the edge into doing something
      about that. It crystalised last night at the weekly Polit A&S night
      where I figured I may as well go for it and make some playing cards.
      And not just one pack of painted ones but 50 packs.

      I have been doing a bit of research and know something about the
      issues involved. I want to do regular playing cards and not tarot. I
      need to select a particular example, design the missing cards
      (apparently there is only one {at least all the sources I have seen
      say so} complete pack of playing cards from the medieval era and I
      don't really like their design), carve woodcut blocks, select the
      paper, make colouring stencils, print them up, cut and package them.

      It might help spread more card playing at events in the kingdom too.
      John of the Hills
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