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10059Just under the wire!

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  • Carrot Khan
    Jun 16, 2014
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      I won't be able to see my sister for the next few draw-outs until the start of July, mucking up my sense of whether I'm on deadline or not.  Even more so that I have to go _back_ to year 41 now that I found something to embroider. 

      But I'm confidant I'll put this albatross to bed in due time.

      This was a terribly fun - and terribly sad - panel to do.  I got a Mongolian Spirit Horse, a Guardian Angel, and a medieval Space Boat all in the same panel!  Don't get to embroider that every day.

      And no, Yang is not trying to shoot the angel.

      The images are on a curve to suggest all of them ascending into the heavens and it ended up giving them an unintentional zodiac feel of images curving across your field of view.  I don't feel it detracts from the original vision, I think I like it even better this way.

      My condolences to all who experienced this loss.  They clearly were monumental to this lifestyle we've chosen for ourselves.

      Tapestry Chick
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