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  • Morel Carr Zupanic
    May 12, 2014
      I have decided to do two challenges, since my first one is too easy. One is
      to make 50 nålbinding needles, and the other is to make 50 things that my
      persona would use.

      A few weeks ago, I got an order for 10 nålbinding needles, and made 15 - two
      extras for the order; two as gifts; and a new one for me. Yesterday, I got
      an email from the same customer for 35 needles, to be in their hands by the
      end of May. Sooooo, a little quicker than I would like, that's for sure!

      I'm glad to have the second challenge, because this is just too quick. I
      have a question. If I spin yarn, then make a hat from it, does that count
      as two parts of my challenge, or just one?


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