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10043spring? maybe?

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  • blaidddwrg
    May 11, 2014
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      okay, here in the northshield we had another week of not quite but almost spring.  about two weeks ago, one of our archers sent out an urgent message.  she would be bringing both her children to crown and had no garb for either of them.  as i was pretty much between projects, i let helium hand fly.  audrina is wearing her new under gown and over gown combo and archer has an under tunic and over tunic.  all four garments are hand stitched and even better there is a little room for growth.  the belts were originally one belt woven for a large adult.  i cut it in half, knotted the cut ends and teased out fringes.  the kids ditched the belts soon after, but they spent the day swirling and twirling and were last seen scrambling on play ground equipment.  yup.  that was a job well done.  and, by the way, we are having a third mostly sunny day in a row.  do i dare get my hopes up?

      see you on the range

      moira nic connell the strongbow