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89Birth of Rimbaud, 10/20/2011, 12:00 am

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  • A_Rimbaud@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 19, 2011
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      Reminder from: A_Rimbaud Yahoo! Group
      Title: Birth of Rimbaud
      Date: Thursday October 20, 2011
      Time: All Day
      Repeats: This event repeats every year.
      Notes: OCTOBER 20, 1854: the sun has ticked around the dial once more. A seer, an illuminatus, a clairvoyant, & a millenial contemporary of us all today, is born... A prodigy of language, Arthur Rimbaud's mission is simple: "to change life". How? "The Alchemy of the Verb": words, information, data, in the right combination, will unlock a new consciousness: "language will be of the soul, for the soul, epitomizing everything, scents, sounds, colors, thought grabbing thought..." (--Lettre du voyant, May 15, 1871.)

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