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76Re: Enfance iii (with clipped off conclusion)

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    Nov 10, 2006
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      Jay concludes his version of Rimbaud's "Enfance iii" in this manner:
      > "And you yourself, feeling hungry, needing a drink, will be suddenly
      driven like a trespasser back whence you came..."
      but the poem is transmitted electronically with the last 9 letters missing...

      Dear Jay,

      'ce you came' by itself may not mean much but does add .. I don't know, ... a certain something to the overall bouquet of the piece.


      Are you sure the 120 character limit doesn't include the white space inside the image within which Yahoo embedded the text? Maybe rather than 2 or 3 newline characters that you may have used, their software substituted a hosts of spaces that put you over the limit. Perhaps layout your work differently? ...dunno
      Whatever...keep 'em comin however you must...I rather enjoy your Rimbaud


      Sam, I'm gonna meditate on possible strategies... maybe leave out some of those dots... Thanks!

      Jay (Your Friendly Group Moderator)