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67Haute Arthur (Rimbaud Fashion)

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  • stupidculturesoldier
    Jan 30, 2005
      ou 'Chanson de la Plus Arthur'

      Rimbaud Progam Menu

      Scoriatic paresis of post-infantry 1870 Franco-Prussia, petrol bombs
      and old lace. Artsy Arthur flea-bags priests, a snickering mutant
      country-bumpkin in bosky cummerbund (lately escaped
      from "Dyouwunway?"s) in shirty-bangs!

      Premiere: gay peppy le pieu gipsy romps through haunted dives, truant-
      stowaway/sodomite-communard turned Imperial Prince conman,
      dipsomaniac shaman pr-es-tiss-imo! Excoriates the gauche mush of
      virtue-virtuosos, pasha Jugurtha and word-Saladin-din, stars faux
      frau-frau softly his sacerdotal heliotrope and cormorant cawl. Gold-
      digger solecisms of the new sun solus of Parnassus Inc.'s didactic
      karytid kicked, pour Rd.s original appearance, par Coin de la Table--
      swank in saffron and molasses, namby-pamby Bambi bambino.

      Dernier: Assique! Album confessionalism, en le chateau ivre exfoliate
      the soul chaning, mind revealing spiritual surgery of A Season In
      Hell, romantic incisions to the coronary moratorium for
      Illuminations' fiat, poetry's incinerating caveat. The cygnet swan
      flaps through viaducts and subways of Gethsemena and Bethsaida, down
      to the Loathed Poet's volume of critical essays trailing in his wake,
      la nada hombre Artisto Arthur Symbol Symon selected anthology of Sine
      quo non's French Symbolist symbiosis, pooh-pooh and ooh-la-la ululate
      and pullulating to the suffusion and effluvium of French Surrealist
      Venn Diagrams, scribbling scribe's elliptical arcs.

      Finistere: suicide's critical mass media product revival: action
      fiction novel film scripts, motion pictures, folk-punk-rock etc.
      vocals and lyrics, graphic comics and press kits by the Megamonopolis
      manufactory, all ego-eyed and man-made malady.

      Rimbaud Press History

      2003 March Anarchy For the Masses: the Disinformation Guide to The

      "What if everything you thought was true?" Paranoia means THINKING
      YOU CAN have all the facts.


      1992 Skinny Puppy: Last Rights

      Skinny Puppy Rock! Not just music, but much, much more. Must hear
      it to believe it. Beauty's only Skinny Puppy deep.


      1986 Jim Carroll: The Book of Nods

      Christmas "Jim" Carroll + The Book of Nods to Rd. I'm telling mom.
      Best 'baud trib. Read it and weep.


      1985 Van Morrison: A Sense of Wonder



      1975 Patti Smith: Horses



      1975 Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks



      1972 David Morrell: First Blood

      Davidian morality of First born Blood--Biblical bloodguiltiness or
      bloodlustful bathos?



      1930-2002 Everything that fits for a boy



      1970's Richard (nee Meyers) Hell

      "Played bass guitar in the Neon Boys and Television with old
      schoolfriend Tom Verlaine, NYC mid-to late 1970's. Credited by many
      with inventing the "look" of punk rock - ripped clothes, spiky hair
      etc, he claims influenced by a portait of French poet Arthur Rimbaud.
      Expelled from Television for musical incompetence/independent thought
      (delete to taste) he briefly joined the Heartbreakers with ex New
      York Doll Johnny Thunders before forming his own band, the Void-Oids,
      with Robert Quine, Ivan Julien (guitars), March Bell (drums)."

      20 hundred and 05 We don't have to worry, it makes diamonds.