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61Clara Venus etc [A_Rimbaud] Reminder - Birth of Rimbaud

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  • MAKazalia@aol.com
    Oct 19 10:28 AM
      In 2005 Red Hand Press begins publishing 3 new literary annuals--
      Clara Venus, fulva flava, and Defect Cult--in both print and on-line versions

      ( 3 annual titles rather than one quarterly). Writers & artists recieve
      payment in contributors’ copies only, at this time. One year subscriptions $15.
      One copy $5.

      Poetry: all forms and styles, prose poems
      Prose: flash (500 words or less) fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction
      Send your high contrast b&w drawings, prints, collages, paintings and
      for consideration. By mail: submit clear clean photocopies of original
      images. Via e-mail: send JPEGs. Keep in mind the openness of these publications and
      the stated themes when submitting artwork.

      Small Press poets, writers and artists may submit their work now for
      consideration for the inaugural issues. One submission opens you to consideration for
      all three publications--unless your (optional) coverletter indicates a

      send submissions to:

      Red Hand Press
      PO BOX 422344
      San Francisco CA 94142-2344

      E-mail: RedHandPress@...
      Clara Venus

      The name of this publication, Clara Venus, comes from Rimbaud’s poetry--his
      description of a lady emerging from her bath--her buttocks engraved with the
      words Clara Venus ... hideously beautiful...

      The focus of this Clara Venus literary annual--the female outside roles and
      beyond the descriptions she’s usually written into. Let*s not hear any more
      stereotypes about the female defined as either delicate virgin or hardened whore,
      chaste nun in any sense, or demure mother-figures. This is where women tell
      us who they really are, fully, in their many human aspects.

      The theme(s) of the first issue: POSE, euphemism & images of the past

      *There’s no deconstruction without the memory of the tradition.*

      Jacques Derrida

      Seeking unconventional writing/images on the conventional-- exposing the
      pose, truth and the untruthful, those who speak with forked tongue and role-play,
      ringers and replicas, pretentions, affectations, and the unpretentious,
      lifting the veil or mask, vintage poses of women on postcards, the female form as
      logo in advertisements, barbie dolls and equivalents of today. How many
      euphemisms can you think of that name female body parts? Delving into famlily
      photos or your personal memories--the series of images seered into your
      brain--women you grew up hearing about--Indira Ghandi, Janice Joplin, the go-go dancers
      on TV. Images of the past--all the images you know about that contributed and
      shaped you as a women ( even before your were born).....where you are now and
      intend to go--tell us about a whole new world, a few words at a time...

      fulva flava

      Fulva Flava purportedly means *the woman of fire* in Latin-- in Honore de
      Balzac’s The
      Girl With The Golden Eyes.
      Flava and Fulva are both associated with lilies & horticulture.

      The title fulva flava was chosen for this literary publication as evocative
      of all the ripply lively female aspects--the hush-hush, not to be spoken-- to
      put the indecent to question, as all things female have been labeled and
      squeezed into that narrow category for so long just bursting to pop out. So froth
      forth and submit any very short prose and/or poetry and cover art for, by &
      about the sexual intellectual exploring the wet spots of the unembarrassed

      fulva flava http:llfulvaflava.blogspot.com

      DEFECT CULT --- the fear issue

      *tapping the largely underutilized female mind...”

      The name Defect Cult comes from a phrase within Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s
      Chronicle of a Death Foretold, * ...a poor woman devoted to the cult of her
      defects.* Meaning bad habits, traditionally un-female behavior--exerting her own
      tastes and preferences! Yes, we like that--women deciding what they like and
      don*t like for themselves--no social role, no guardians of patriarchy enforcing
      behaviors & limitiations--that*s what we want---writing about women outside
      any norm....writing by women and writing by men who love women...

      the first issue we’re calling the *fear* issue--seeking writing on *fear and
      the social facade*
      *female fears* *origins of fears* *overcoming fears*

      *Poetry sustains life. Of this I am certain. There is no doubt in my mind
      that the pain of poverty, whether material of emotional lack, can be eased by the
      power of language. I know this intimately.*
      bell hooks -- from Words of Passion

      If you feel that Big Eye (of sycohantism & societal watchdogism) upon
      --the fact that you are aware of/feel the need to escape those limitations
      indicates your writing may be what we want. So drop your pants and moon tht Big
      eye...flash a beaver shot, pull up your top and show your boobs, then turn
      your back and write freely for yourself and send your truth(s) to the Cult...the
      Cult is waiting with pages open wide for you to fill up. (in this land of free
      speech and equality for all, I am not afraid to say these things--do they
      scare you? If so, do you know why? Why not explore your thoughts and fears....?
      Send any creative results to the Cult...)

      Marie Kazalia, Publishing Editor

      E-mail: MAKazalia@...
      http://DefectCult.BlogSpot.com __________

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