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52the alchemy

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  • nekkid99
    Nov 11, 2002
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      jmandeville 2Jan1999 wrote:
      >OCTOBER 20, 1854: the sun has ticked around the dial once more. A
      >seer, an
      >illuminatus, a clairvoyant, & a millennial contemporary of us all
      >today, is born
      >to mom Vitalie atop a stack of bibles. A prodigy of language,
      >Arthur's mission
      >is simple: "to change life". How? "The Alchemy of the Verb": words,
      >information, data, in the right combination, will unlock a new
      >"language will be of the soul, for the soul, epitomizing everything,
      >sounds, colors, thought grabbing thought..." (--Lettre du voyant,
      >May 15, 1871.)

      The alchemy theme grabbed my thoughts. Reading Thomas Mann's Magic
      Mountain, one encounters his "hermetic enchantment" with time
      transcendence, which he called "the fundamental adventure of his
      soul." Mann themes on the alchemy of sickness and death in a place
      outside of normal time as sometimes effecting a "transubstantiation"
      of one's mind, a gnostic transformation.