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Get involved - this week's events

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  • Kari Nienstedt
    There are several great opportunities to help animals this coming week! Don t miss the chance to get involved and take action. There is something for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2005
      There are several great opportunities to help animals this coming
      week! Don't miss the chance to get involved and take action.
      There is something for everyone:

      AZVegan Voices Meeting - Tuesday, June 28th - NEW LOCATION!
      We will meet at 7:00pm at the Saguaro Branch Phoenix Public Library.
      Saguaro Branch is located south of Thomas Road on 46th Street. We
      will be in the meeting room. (Turn left as you enter the library
      and head toward the back of the children's area.) We will spend
      about an hour and a half writing letters. I will provide topics,
      contact info, and stationary. Please bring stamps for your letters
      and return address labels.

      Please RSVP so I can plan accordingly. Contact azvegan@...
      with questions/comments. I will post the topics written about and
      all contact info on AZVegan.com after the meeting for those who
      can't make it to the meeting but would still like to participate.

      Mexican Gray Wolf Meeting - Tuesday, June 28th
      In the past year aggressive management has significantly reduced the
      number of wolves in the wild. Some livestock interests and a small
      but vocal minority of wolf opponents have pressured wolf managers to
      recapture and kill wolves-including wolves of especially great
      genetic importance.

      In response to private meetings where opponents of wolf recovery
      were given special access to high level U.S. Fish and Wildlife
      staff, state and federal agencies are proposing a one-year
      moratorium on new releases of Mexican gray wolves. They are also
      proposing significant limitations on translocation of wolves and a
      policy that makes it easier for the agencies to kill wolves
      responsible for attacking livestock.

      The Mexican Wolf Adaptive Management Work Group is holding meetings
      and has extended the public comment period on documents related to
      the wolf reintroduction project. Please attend the meeting on
      Tuesday June 28, from 6 to 9 p.m.- Wildlife Building - Fair Grounds,
      19th Ave & McDowell, Phoenix, AZ For more info, visit

      Anthony Marr Seal Hunt Lecture - Tuesday, June 28
      Anthony Marr from Canada is stopping here on an intercontinental
      trip to fight the massacre of infant seals. 40% of baby seals get
      skinned alive, in front of their beaten-away mothers.

      Please arrive no later than 7pm. The lecture will be in the
      conference room at Gentle Strength Co-op. University near Ash.
      Contact Shaynie Aero, Last Chance For Animals Arizona, with any
      questions. shaynie_aero@...

      The Global Week of Action Against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)
      commences on Sunday, June 26th and goes until Sunday, July 3rd.
      This campaign urges people to download, print, and handout fliers
      about GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a notorious partner in cruelty with
      HLS. Please contact jonathan.grindell@... with the date, time,
      and location of the pharmacy you will be fliering.

      And, don't forget the circus demonstrations next week! If you can
      only make it to one or two, try to attend Wednesday, June 29th for
      opening night and the first show on Saturday, July 2nd. These are
      the most likely to have media coverage.

      Visit www.azvegan.com for more details on any of these events.
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