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Circus Demonstrations

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  • Kari Nienstedt
    The circus will be in Phoenix June 29th – July 4th.  There are demonstrations planned for every single show of the circus while they are in town! Don t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2005
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      The circus will be in Phoenix June 29th – July 4th.  There are
      demonstrations planned for every single show of the circus while
      they are in town! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to speak
      out for the animals. Animals in circuses are subjected to terrible
      cruelty. The following information is provided by AZforAnimals:

      ***Please read this message from AZforAnimals in its entirety***

      We need as much support as possible this year against Ringling.  As
      many of you know, last year one of their baby lions, Clyde, was
      found dead in a boxcar after leaving Phoenix and traveling the
      Mohave Desert in an unventilated boxcar.  He is believed to have
      died of dehydration and heat exhaustion, due to Ringling's
      negligence and lack of care. This is significant to Phoenix and we
      need to make the public aware that Ringling has no place in our city
      (or anywhere for that matter.)

      Location:  America West Arena, downtown Phoenix.  (Meet on the
      corner of Jefferson and 1st Street.)

      Parking: On-street metered parking is the least expensive if you
      can find space.  Otherwise parking lots around the arena are
      available but the closer they are to the arena, the more expensive
      it is to park in them.  I suggest parking a few blocks away to avoid
      the high price of the lots. NOTE:  Please allow yourself at least
      an extra 15-20 minutes PRIOR to the start time of the protests to
      find ample parking. 

      Where to stand:  We must remain on the sidewalk around the
      arena.  The sidewalk is public property and we have the right to be
      there.  However, we can not go onto the open cement area in front of
      the arena (between sidewalk and entrance doors) as this is private

      What to bring:  We have pre-made flyers, posters, and leaflets for
      everyone. However, if you already have circus flyers or your own
      signs, feel free to bring them.

      Attire, etc:  Please dress conservatively as media may be
      present.  Bring plenty of cold water/ice and sunscreen.  There is
      no shade around the arena and it will be HOT. 

      What to say: Smile, be approachable, friendly, and considerate.  Do
      not waste time on people who may argue, rather politely move on to
      the next person.  Keep your intro simple.  For example, "Here's what
      you should know about Ringling."  Or, "Here's why you should make
      this your last circus."  

      Main speaking points:
      1. "We want people to know that anyone who buys a ticket to Ringling
      is paying people to abuse animals."

      2. "Children have a natural empathy towards animals - and if they
      could see how Ringling routinely beat their animals, they wouldn't
      want to go to the circus."

      3. "Videos don't lie, so if you want to see the documentation of our
      claims, go to: www.circuses.com."

      Here is a schedule of dates/times, along with contact names for
      the "point person" at each event.  When arriving please try to check
      in with the point person so they can instruct you on where to stand
      and what is needed of you.  They should also be the key person to
      direct media to, should they arrive:

      Wednesday, 6/29 (Opening Night)
      6:00pm - 7:15pm: Opening night protest (Contact: Julie Nicolazzi -
      JulieInAz@...   602-620-3139)

      Thursday, 6/30
      10:00am - 11:15am Contact: Sandy - fuzze_one@...   602-486-
      6:00pm - 7:15pm Contact: Shawna Purdy - realpurdy1@...   480-

      Friday, 7/1
      10:00am - 11:15am Contact: Sandy - fuzze_one@... 602-486-
      6:00pm - 7:15pm Contact: Kyle Hall - khall@... 480-

      Saturday, 7/2
      10:00am - 11:15am Demo and leafleting event with "Roots and
      Shoots"  (www.rootsandshoots.org) Contact: Julie Nicolazzi -
      JulieInAz@...  602-620-3139
      2:00pm - 3:15pm Contacts: Chelsea &
      Brandon:  chelsearesponsible@...  602-920-5056
      6:00pm - 7:15pm Contact: Colleen - cphae@...  602-570-5461

      Sunday, 7/3
      Noon - 1:15pm Contact: Kyle Hall - khall@... 480-966-
      4:00pm - 5:15pm Contacts: Chelsea & Brandon:
      chelsearesponsible@...  602-920-5056Monday, 7/4
      Noon - 1:15pm Contact: Sandy - fuzze_one@... 602-486-6145

      For further information about circuses and Ringling, please go
      to:  www.circuses.com and www.MoreBeautifulWild.com   Thank you for
      caring.  I hope to see you at one of our events next week!

      Julie Nicolazzi
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