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Leafleting opportunity Monday, January 8th

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  • Kari Nienstedt
    The following info is forwarded from meatisdead@cox.net about an upcoming leafleting opportunity. Join Bill and others to help educate the public about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007
      The following info is forwarded from meatisdead@... about an
      upcoming leafleting opportunity. Join Bill and others to help
      educate the public about the dangers of dairy products:

      The Milk Mafia is coming to Phoenix and doing a kickoff for their
      new "Think about Your Drink" campaign. I.e. get more people to
      drink cow secretions instead of coca cola. Phoenix City Hall, 10:00-
      11:00 am or so, Monday Jan 8, 2007.

      I would also like people to Think About their Drinks, but obviously
      come to different conclusions than the Dairy Dorks would
      prefer...please join me to spread the word. We would especially like
      to see some ladies join us since the campaign is aimed at women (see
      below). See you Monday Morning. Maybe you can't fight City Hall,
      but you can oppose the Cow Boyz and Girlz at City Hall.

      Note also that it is aimed at media, and they are calling for middle-
      class-casual dress. Wear anything you like (except leather) but I
      don't want to look like a bunch of goths and granolas or weirdos in
      bloody cow costumes opposing a bunch of Stepford Wives.

      Spread this message wherever you like. Get on the MOOOve. Campaign
      against CowPain! Email meatisdead@... if you can come!

      Here is the press release/ want ad about the campaign where they are
      trying to hire local roadies (which I got from Craigslist).

      "got milk? event launch staff needed!
      Reply to: gigs-251157324@...
      Date: 2006-12-19, 12:04PM MST

      The reason I am writing is to inform you of a small launch event
      taking place in January for the 2007 got milk? tour called "Think
      About Your Drink". The program encourages women to stop before they
      sit down to a meal and choose milk over a soda, a soft drink or

      This Launch Event for "Think About Your Drink" is taking place on
      January 8th from 10am-11am (staff times from 8:30am-12:00pm) at the
      City Hall in downtown Phoenix. The event is strictly aimed at media,
      so we do not envision a huge crowd of consumers. Staff pay is
      $12/hour and we will pay you for a minimum of 4 hours. The setup and
      breakdown is extremely minimal, as we have several signs, 2 tables, a
      media backdrop and some milk samples to distribute.

      Dress attire is khaki pants and comfortable sneakers. A shirt will be
      distributed onsite.

      If you are interested and available, please let me know ASAP. Hiring
      is on a first come, first serve basis. Hope to hear back from you
      soon and I will provide additional information at that time.

      Thank you!
      Lauren Covino – West Regional Marketing Manager"
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